Sunday, March 13, 2011

On books

I am not sure whether I will love e-readers ( though they make books available at lower prices and make them easily portable); reading the printed hard bound copy has a wonderful feeling- touching and flipping the pages, the experience of crisp and nutty smell of the book and the most important is I never get that joy while searching online which i get in the bookstores. Spending time in and around the books all over with coffee and light music in backdrop. That is bliss. Many others like it as well, I always find these bookstores  quite full with book lovers reading and browsing.
Yesterday, I went to Chapters and was browsing through the "Deal section" and though I got a good bargain on classic fictions of Jane Austen but a bug has been troubling my mind since then. I thought of sharing it here, may be I will get the answers. So here it is:

  • How does the publisher/ author estimate the cost of his/ her own book.
  • Whether the content of the book decides the cost of the book. Does the cost of the book influence its sales. If you want to buy a book would you buy a costly one or one that is not so expensive, or is it the size of the book.
  • Why are the great classics (first hand) in discount sections. Does this show unpopularity and distaste that the general reader has developed for them, are they anachronous or is it the book-store wants to clear  the stock asap.
  • What is the use of a knowledge that you want to share with the world but only some people can afford it. I  am thinking about the old age epics which were handed to next generation and popularized by rote.
Actually the word "Bargain books" bothers me, as if there is no difference between the books and other commodities and that is a troubling feeling for me. 


Simran said...

Hmmm...Thoughtful Questions!
But unfortunately I don't have answers :p

Me said...

Valid questions. May be, they have this process in place for this. I really am not sure about that.

but one thing, I am sure about is : ebooks can never replace the paper-books for me... I just love the smell of books and the fact that i can sleep with one over my I keep imagining myself as one of the characters :)

Jay said...

@me agreed with what you said....the printed hard bound copy gives a unique feel ....which no e book can render.......
really a food 4 thought sneha...

KParthasarathi said...

The cost of books depends primarily on the quantity of books to be printed,its saleability, the fame of the author, the size of audience to which it is addressed to, the nature of subject dealt,hardbound or paper back,the number of pages etc.
Jane Austen books are available around Rs100 in paperback but hardbounds are expensive.
I hv found from my experience that publishers are unwilling to undertake the work at their cost unless they are sure of sales.I am struggkling to find one who is ready

Aevi said...

publisher and authors experience determine the cost.

Classics loose publisher rights and therefore they become bargains... other bargains are because the books were overstocked and predictions went wrong.

I went ebook reader route so that I can help environment by reducing printing and paper usage, also apt moves are easier