Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Mistake

I was playing around with the settings on the blog and unknowingly clicked the hide comments. I noticed it today. Sorry about any inconvenience caused.


Simran said...

I came many times to your blog..Liked your posts but when I came to comment ,I didn't saw any option there :(

it's ok ye sab chalta hai :)
take care ..

KParthasarathi said...

Good you set it right

Nidz said...

I thot u wanted to be cocoon in ur own thoughts. Finally u got the comment box back. Glad.

P.S. Hw are u doing? Whts ur IM Id?

Sneha said...

Hi Nidhi,

I am doing good. Thx for asking.:)

I just left my mail-id on your blog.

Neeha said...

Hey sneha I sent you message about your comment section..
Jus wanna know..whether you received it or not..
Any hav thnz 4 enabling them bck..
Take Care

Sneha said...

Hi Neeha,

This is the message that i got.

Keep visiting and share your views.:)

Neeha said...


But I didn't mention about this message..I didn't see your 'comments' section,so I just clicked my followers->Sneha->Send a message.

Guess it went to your yahoo or gmail..anyhave now everything is sorted out,thats a good thing..