Sunday, March 6, 2011

A birthday Log

When I was in school, I always wished that my birthday never fall on sundays and holidays. The birthday was the most awaited event of the year and why waste it on a sunday when you could be in school where you get treated specially among friends and teachers. I used to keep a count of who wished me and who did'nt, a habit that I keep to this day. I also reminded my near and dear in case they forgot, something I do even now. I guess some habits do not change with time. For people who are close to your heart why be formal. My birthday was not a day event but a couple of week event and I kept myself busy with planning. The birthday got marked on the calendar the day the new one arrived in new year. I do not do that now. Things happened that I guess have mellowed down my enthusiasm for celebrations.

My birthday now is more like a personal thing and I do not party or dine with friends anymore.  I do not also visit any temples as my belief in the Holy side has been a little shaky always. What I do though is treat myself with some special gifts. This year I bought myself a Macbook Pro which is quite different and better than the laptops I have been used too. I am sitting with it trying to improve my Mac skills and chatting with my family.

So much for my birthday. Happy birthday to Me. Enjoy !!


KParthasarathi said...

Hi Sneha,
Belated birthday greetings for a happy birthday..Please accept my best wishes on this happy occasion.

Sneha said...

Thank you so much.:)