Friday, February 4, 2011

Love 'em the way they are

While one of them is not able to withstand the noisy T.V, the other one complains about the late night reading habit. No one is ready to compromise or listen to the other one. Such is the scene every time when I call home. Dad complains "ghar machchi-baazar bana rekha hai"(this house is as noisy as a fish market) and Mom says "raat bhar sar per light jalti rehti hai, so bhi nahi saktey" (I can not sleep whole night with this light turned on). So their intelligent daughter :-) bought them a wireless headphone and a book light. Which no doubt they like it and are using it but now a new problem has started.

Dad says: "your mother is giving me deaf ears".

While my mother is busy trying to find out new things to complain about.

I think I love when they crib about each other which means that everything is fine at home. Otherwise I fear something is not right on their side.My only wish is if there is a Mighty power above then I pray to it that my parents pass their life happily together till their last breath.


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...'s just as awesome to hear my mum and dad squabble over the smallest things despite being thousands of miles away over skype everyday! I'm amazed at how deep the bond is after all these years! Touchwood to that!

KParthasarathi said...

Do you know what we did? I learnt to sleep when the TV was on and my wife managed to sleep when the light was on.But both did not want the other to go to another room to watch TV or read books.
Such small cribbing adds spice to the otherwise dull life in twilight years

simran said...

Hmmm...very interesting post..
Jindagi jab tak khatti -meethi naho uska mazaa nahi aata ..
May God fills lot's of happiness and love in your sweet family forever:)

Keep Smiling :)

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Sneha,

Hmm after after that we feel , we are living Indi Style ..and its the best ..I love each and everything , when we used to watch cricket world cup and other ladies ( mom , sister , cousins) stare at us and when India loosed teases ..aur dekho haar gayi na ..aur hamara serial bhi nahi dekhne diya..
So quite nice.

Now those small small things do comes in mind makes us laugh

But we love it know haha

Take care.
keep smiling.

Neeha said...

May your wish come true.