Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 14

Red, pink, bling-bling apparels, soft toys, flowers, and decorations in the malls by the end of January shows how everybody is getting ready to celebrate the Valentine's Day. I think 14 Feb is the only day throughout the year  which people around the world celebrate all together, however they can- in full public glare or even in the most clandestine ways.

Last year me and one of my friends counted  male versions of  the ' Red Riding Hood'. Even though both of us were in red hoodies too. But it was plain fun. I am talking about the kind of outfit Sallu is wearing in this video


Sometime early days I wrote this poem. Some of you might have read it before and though now I find it a little kindergarten-ish stuff but still I am posting it again.

My Wish

If I had wings
I would fly to wherever you were
If I had colors
I would paint your life with my magical hues
If I were the sun
I would bring warmth to your cold & gloomy days
If I were the moon
I would beam down my light to make your life bright
If I were a star
I would twinkle in your life
If I were the rain
I would wash away your pains
My simple wish is I hope to be the joy of your life

Happy Valentines

This year the Valentine's Day  falls on Monday (busy day) but I am sure we will manage to go out and have fun.


KParthasarathi said...

That is a beautiful poem-nothing kinder garden-ish but catching the spirit of the month very well.

Neeha said...

Nic poem.
Hope You enjoy.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Happy Valentines to you too!

Purna Koumudi Vogeti said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sneha :-)

Sh@s said...

Belated Happy Valentine's Day to you. Your poem is cute :)