Sunday, February 27, 2011

Artistry in daily life

 Connecting dots into 
patterns filled with colours
on the doorstep
echoing the message
You are welcome  

Potted plants
In different sizes and various shapes
hanging  atop or placed in stands
abound with colors
potpourri of leaves and flowers
uniting them all together

The essence of life
born out of cutting, shredding and pureeing
groomed by saute,  frying or baking
embellished by spices and seasoning
 creates wonders satisfying taste palate

Knitting & sewing
Warmth of love
embracing the loved ones
beautifying the home
re-energizing the inner soul

Thoughts expressed on canvas
of distinct style and persona
in colors, shades and all hues
 with pencil, paint, oil and brush
whatever way your heart may choose


Mother of all creativity
home to all colors, pictures, sounds and  melody
no claims, no ownership
Yet source of  all inspirations


simran said...

Beautiful and creative post :)
Keep Smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Well penned dear!

Visit my blog & I hope you will like it!

Talha said...

Nice pics with cool captions. Loved it

Asma said...

Great post :-D

Me said...

Like always, you come up with a creative way to discuss the simple aspects of day-to-day life.

Liked :) :) Nice to be back to your blog.