Sunday, February 27, 2011

Artistry in daily life

 Connecting dots into 
patterns filled with colours
on the doorstep
echoing the message
You are welcome  

Potted plants
In different sizes and various shapes
hanging  atop or placed in stands
abound with colors
potpourri of leaves and flowers
uniting them all together

The essence of life
born out of cutting, shredding and pureeing
groomed by saute,  frying or baking
embellished by spices and seasoning
 creates wonders satisfying taste palate

Knitting & sewing
Warmth of love
embracing the loved ones
beautifying the home
re-energizing the inner soul

Thoughts expressed on canvas
of distinct style and persona
in colors, shades and all hues
 with pencil, paint, oil and brush
whatever way your heart may choose


Mother of all creativity
home to all colors, pictures, sounds and  melody
no claims, no ownership
Yet source of  all inspirations

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Had a Mighty fall

What qualities inspire me to follow people? Though many rooms can be filled by books on Leadership but  sometimes you learn the most when you draw from your personal examples. Also the lessons that you learn from your experiences have a life long impact. And this one is about what  I have felt recently. I am a great listener of Sufi music and revere the great Sufi singers. Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was one of them. His mantle was very worthily carried forward by his nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, only till recently.

Since the day I have heard the news about his getting caught with large loads of currency at the Delhi airport I am not able to listen to his songs. Although it is not a criminal activity but it is still  money laundering and blatant tax evasion. It speaks about the ethics and the character and principles. I do not see any sense behind this behavior nor do I see this as driven by any need. This person has been endowed by nature with a special gift of an incredible voice and had the opportunity to be born in a family of such a great singer like late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Of late Rahat had been the voice of many successful songs and he has a great and long music career before him. A person in his place should all the more avoid falling in the trap of easy greed and lure on money. No body minds earning an extra dollar but more important are the principles that a person should stand for, much more important than all the talent combined.

After some time may be I will return back to listening to his songs but I think he has fallen from grace. Unknowingly he has set an example that for anybody to be in a leading position, the most important quality that one needs to stand for is that of strong ethics and honesty. That is the reason why world over people still follow leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln.

Hope some people learn from this example.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bliss !!!

I am not talking about a tempting dish or some delicious food but the meal that satisfies your soul. Like for me it is arhar daal with chawaal, vinegar dip onions, green chili, aam ka achaar and yogurt. Heavenly!!

Just like after visiting beautiful places in the world and staying in allishaan hotels, you feel  more comfortable in the warmth of your home in your bed.:)

Or like no matter how much good your job is, however high the salary is, even with appropriate recognition but there is still an emptiness somewhere that gets replaced by excitement and junoon when you get to do something you love and crave for, like an entrepreneurship. Plain simple joy, I mean!

I am not sure whether I am able to justify my point of view or not, but  I think this search for satisfaction helps me in making decisions about planning ahead for career change. Courage to make these decisions, I guess, automatically comes when you are financial independent.

We all excel in endeavors  that we are madly passionate about. It would be safe to say that our drive for excellence is an eternal search for bliss.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 14

Red, pink, bling-bling apparels, soft toys, flowers, and decorations in the malls by the end of January shows how everybody is getting ready to celebrate the Valentine's Day. I think 14 Feb is the only day throughout the year  which people around the world celebrate all together, however they can- in full public glare or even in the most clandestine ways.

Last year me and one of my friends counted  male versions of  the ' Red Riding Hood'. Even though both of us were in red hoodies too. But it was plain fun. I am talking about the kind of outfit Sallu is wearing in this video


Sometime early days I wrote this poem. Some of you might have read it before and though now I find it a little kindergarten-ish stuff but still I am posting it again.

My Wish

If I had wings
I would fly to wherever you were
If I had colors
I would paint your life with my magical hues
If I were the sun
I would bring warmth to your cold & gloomy days
If I were the moon
I would beam down my light to make your life bright
If I were a star
I would twinkle in your life
If I were the rain
I would wash away your pains
My simple wish is I hope to be the joy of your life

Happy Valentines

This year the Valentine's Day  falls on Monday (busy day) but I am sure we will manage to go out and have fun.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Love 'em the way they are

While one of them is not able to withstand the noisy T.V, the other one complains about the late night reading habit. No one is ready to compromise or listen to the other one. Such is the scene every time when I call home. Dad complains "ghar machchi-baazar bana rekha hai"(this house is as noisy as a fish market) and Mom says "raat bhar sar per light jalti rehti hai, so bhi nahi saktey" (I can not sleep whole night with this light turned on). So their intelligent daughter :-) bought them a wireless headphone and a book light. Which no doubt they like it and are using it but now a new problem has started.

Dad says: "your mother is giving me deaf ears".

While my mother is busy trying to find out new things to complain about.

I think I love when they crib about each other which means that everything is fine at home. Otherwise I fear something is not right on their side.My only wish is if there is a Mighty power above then I pray to it that my parents pass their life happily together till their last breath.