Tuesday, January 4, 2011

रश्मिरथी- The Sun's charioteer

My knowledge of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was restricted to the few poems that were a mandatory reading in the school text books. Of late someone suggested me to read Rashmirathi probably influenced by my love for reading mythological/ historical literature. During my recent trip to India I bought a lot of Hindi books which included Rashmirathi. Now I have just started reading this book and I was totally bowled over by the few starting pages (read preface) of the book. The poet has written this in the year 1953 but the poem is most modern in its thinking and heralds the dawn of a new age of meritocracy over the age old shackles of caste and family order. He has been able to invoke this message through the mythological character of Karna in the backdrop of epic struggle of Mahabharata.

About his contribution to the vast body of literature that was being written those days about the often neglected character of Karna, he has to say-

"कर्ण का भाग्य, सचमुच, बहुत दिनो के बाद जगा है. यह उसी का परिणाम है की उसके पार जाने के लिए आज जलयान पर जलयान तैयार हो रहे है. जहाजो के इस बडे बेडे मे मेरी ओर से एक छोटी सी डोंगी ही सही."

I will be reading this book through the coming days and would definitely borrow a few paragraphs from this poem for my blog.


a truthmark said...

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Neeha said...

Oh you had been to India.
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Enjoy reading..Have a nice weekend.

Vivek Chamoli said...

HI Sneha,

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Oh you can to India , I thought you are here in India only.
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