Friday, January 14, 2011

Powerful Words

I was watching 'No One Killed Jessica'. And at two instances in the movie I was strongly convinced that sometimes nothing but swearing is the only choice.

Sometimes people can act very insensitive even sadistic to some degree, which totally appalls me and fills me with disgust.Though I agree that there can be many ways to correct them but their act can become so unbearable that after swearing and venting out the anger one feels relieved and that person instantly gets the message.

May be with time this attitude of mine may change b'coz I have often in the past laughed at old stubbornness and rigidity. My attitude used to be 'often wrong but never in doubt'. Time has taught me virtues of relaxing and taking it easy.:-) But I still believe that if sweet words spread harmony then retorting back preserves harmony.


Vivek Chamoli said...

hi Sneha,
yes I agree.. we at tym need to be agressive as well in the choice of words,
and their impact as well.. and voice modulation within our prorimity.
howz the movie BTW. .I hvnt watched it yet..apart from its promos ;-)

take care
Keep smiling.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hehehe...swearing and abusing isn't a bad thing, it's just a dialect that some people understand better!

Sneha said...


I like the movie. The movie makers have not digressed from the main topic and have been able to make convincingly watchable movie although with some masala.:)

Sneha said...

Ha ha Bikram Nicely put.:)

Neeha said...

Thanks for the comment sneha,I am in dilemma whether to watch or not.So now ill watch the movie.
This is a gruesome world,so need not mention about pshyco creatures.
Take Care.

Sneha said...

Hi Neeha,
I hope you must have adjusted yourself to the new surroundings.
Hope u will like the movie.

have a nice day.:)

Anonymous said...

Truthfully said. I do resort to this time and again in my dealings. Some people are made that way I guess and there should'nt be any guilt associated with such behaviour.

Nice blog by the way,


Arv said...
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Arv said...

Hi mate :)

yeah, it does work at times but only as long as the venting out doesnt cause any lasting damage...

hard to choose such words with enough power when one is all emotional :(

good to be back to the blogs...

dont have ur email with me... do drop in a mail sometime...

take care mate...


Sneha said...


welcome back.:)