Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time is not a healer...

They say time heals everything.Uber lie!!
It is just that with time people accept the truth and become strong enough to live with the loss. They have mastered themselves to hide the pain, and it doesn't mean that they are healed. Its far from possible.
The only thing is, they don't want to make life miserable for them and people around them. Involving and keeping busy is the only thing to distract them from their wounds. Time doesn't heal and it never can.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Powerful Words

I was watching 'No One Killed Jessica'. And at two instances in the movie I was strongly convinced that sometimes nothing but swearing is the only choice.

Sometimes people can act very insensitive even sadistic to some degree, which totally appalls me and fills me with disgust.Though I agree that there can be many ways to correct them but their act can become so unbearable that after swearing and venting out the anger one feels relieved and that person instantly gets the message.

May be with time this attitude of mine may change b'coz I have often in the past laughed at old stubbornness and rigidity. My attitude used to be 'often wrong but never in doubt'. Time has taught me virtues of relaxing and taking it easy.:-) But I still believe that if sweet words spread harmony then retorting back preserves harmony.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

रश्मिरथी- The Sun's charioteer

My knowledge of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was restricted to the few poems that were a mandatory reading in the school text books. Of late someone suggested me to read Rashmirathi probably influenced by my love for reading mythological/ historical literature. During my recent trip to India I bought a lot of Hindi books which included Rashmirathi. Now I have just started reading this book and I was totally bowled over by the few starting pages (read preface) of the book. The poet has written this in the year 1953 but the poem is most modern in its thinking and heralds the dawn of a new age of meritocracy over the age old shackles of caste and family order. He has been able to invoke this message through the mythological character of Karna in the backdrop of epic struggle of Mahabharata.

About his contribution to the vast body of literature that was being written those days about the often neglected character of Karna, he has to say-

"कर्ण का भाग्य, सचमुच, बहुत दिनो के बाद जगा है. यह उसी का परिणाम है की उसके पार जाने के लिए आज जलयान पर जलयान तैयार हो रहे है. जहाजो के इस बडे बेडे मे मेरी ओर से एक छोटी सी डोंगी ही सही."

I will be reading this book through the coming days and would definitely borrow a few paragraphs from this poem for my blog.