Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good Morning

चंदा मामा सो गए, सुरज चाचू जागे 
देखो पकड़ो यारों, घडी के कांटे भागे
  एक  कहानी ख़तम तो दूजी शूरू हो गई मामू

A morning moment through my lens. Wondering what would the morning be like if the Sun had an alarm clock on snooze.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Ape:-Love affection,pride,greed... all the emotions with a very touching story. I cannot stop myself falling in love with Caesar. A movie that leaves you with so many questions to ponder about. Some of my friends didn't like it but for me the movie experience was captivating and made me to empathize with the apes and other animals that we separate from their natural habitat.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Will never do it again...

You arrived as usual like a true friend, but I unintentionally ignored you. I was more interested in wandering through the old alleys, and relishing the old moments gone by.

You waited for me giving me hints, trying to woo me,  but I kept ignoring you. I was so deep engrossed in my own world that i didn't realize when you left the room.  By the time I found my folly you had gone, leaving me alone.

Now sitting on the window sill, I await you "Oh my dear sleep", please come and embrace me, I am distressed by my mistake, and will never do it again.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


  It has endured the summer parched and bare
  On return of the rains
  Lost strength is gaining shape 

 And courage prevails yet again

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poems to me - Now and then

During the school days, I read, understood and prepared myself for question & answers (for good marks) but never enjoyed the poems or stories as much as I do now, when I reread the same poems and stories. I feel at that age I was not mature enough to comprehend fully their style and meaning. What I largely saw was that the students as well as the teachers were only interested in completing the syllabus as soon as possible.

Another reason for not having enjoyed literature so well during the school days is that it was mostly studied and crammed during intense time pressure of exams and tests. Because of this  I was hardly able to appreciate the beauty and greatness of many of these poems.

One of the other big reason is that there was no general encouragement for studying languages and parents were mostly after subjects like maths and pure sciences. Literature was the bad boy. I do not know if the situation in schools has changed. Its a pity if as a society we stop appreciating these great forms of art that add and contribute so much to our life.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The garden keeper

He waters the thirsty soil in the sweltering heat
I've heard him singing hymns,
while plowing  the soil, and sowing the seeds,
 and nurturing  the saplings under the shiny sun

Twinkle in his eyes like the dewdrops of the grass blades
folds of his skin like the bark of an old tree
he hums along as the robin sings
 and beams like the sunflower as the honeybees dance
the old gardener lives his garden

One season evolves into another
small plants turn into big trees
but his work continues on
unrelenting  and never ending

His back has bowed, bent like a fruit laden tree
he is gone old like the corner oak tree
but the scent of the flowers, the cool breeze
and the soothing shade of the garden
rejuvenates him and keeps him going

Friday, April 8, 2011

जनतन्त्र का जन्म

सदियों की ठंढी-बुझी राख सुगबुगा उठी,
मिट्टी सोने का ताज पहन इठलाती है;
दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

जनता?हां,मिट्टी की अबोध मूरतें वही,
जाडे-पाले की कसक सदा सहनेवाली,
जब अंग-अंग में लगे सांप हो चुस रहे
तब भी न कभी मुंह खोल दर्द कहनेवाली।

जनता?हां,लंबी - बडी जीभ की वही कसम,
"जनता,सचमुच ही, बडी वेदना सहती है।"
"सो ठीक,मगर,आखिर,इस पर जनमत क्या है?"
'है प्रश्न गूढ़ जनता इस पर क्या कहती है?"

मानो,जनता ही फूल जिसे अहसास नहीं,
जब चाहो तभी उतार सजा लो दोनों में;
अथवा कोई दूधमुंही जिसे बहलाने के
जन्तर-मन्तर सीमित हों चार खिलौनों में।

लेकिन होता भूडोल, बवंडर उठते हैं,
जनता जब कोपाकुल हो भृकुटि चढाती है;
दो राह, समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

हुंकारों से महलों की नींव उखड़ जाती,
सांसों के बल से ताज हवा में उड़ता है,
जनता की रोके राह,समय में ताव कहां?
वह जिधर चाहती,काल उधर ही मुड़ता है।

अब्दों, शताब्दियों, सहस्त्राब्द का अंधकार
बीता;गवाक्ष अंबर के दहके जाते हैं;
यह और नहीं कोई,जनता के स्वप्न अजय
चीरते तिमिर का वक्ष उमड़ते जाते हैं।

सब से विराट जनतंत्र जगत का आ पहुंचा,
तैंतीस कोटि-हित सिंहासन तय करो
अभिषेक आज राजा का नहीं,प्रजा का है,
तैंतीस कोटि जनता के सिर पर मुकुट धरो।

आरती लिये तू किसे ढूंढता है मूरख,
मन्दिरों, राजप्रासादों में, तहखानों में?
देवता कहीं सड़कों पर गिट्टी तोड़ रहे,
देवता मिलेंगे खेतों में, खलिहानों में।

फावड़े और हल राजदण्ड बनने को हैं,
धूसरता सोने से श्रृंगार सजाती है;
दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

~ रामधारी सिंह "दिनकर"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Story of Fanne and Anne

There were two girls in Rome
who lived away from home
one was called Fanne
another one called Anne
Fanne endlessly wrote blogs
while Anne took care of their dogs

Soon as Fanne finished writing
she would call Anne for sighting
Anne used to know of this inviting
and regularly went into hiding
Often this led to a big fighting

to solve this trouble
they went to a wise man with a stubble
who asked Fanne to stop writing
this to Anne was purely delighting.

Fanne and Anne lived happlily ever after
their hearts full of frolic and laughter

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank God it's Saturday !!! (TGIS)

Waiting for the match to start and kill time till 3:00 in the morning almost proves that cricket world cup has begun to interest me.
I have
-varied the settings of my blog umpteen times in the last few hours. 
-prepared chicken rolls to munch while watching the match.
- called home and talked to my folks.
- read all the news articles on world cup on all respectable news sites.
- hoped that Poonam Pandey is able to fulfill her wish to the delight of all.

I am happy tomorrow is Saturday and hope world cup hamara ho. Amen!

I am thinking what else to do now, sometimes the faster you want to pass the time, the more difficult it becomes to spend it.

 Post Win Update

"Anhoni ko honi kar de, Honi ko anhoni; Ek jagah jab jama ho teeno, Rajni, Ghajini aur Dhoni!". 

Congratulations & Celebrations.......................

Sunday, March 27, 2011

World is a mirror of our own self

"जाकी रही भावना जैसी, प्रभु मूरत देखी तिन तैसी "-Tulsidas.

The kings present at Sita's swyamvar were in awe of Lord Rama and everyone looked on the Lord's form according to the conception each had about Him.
I am wondering how true this is irrespective of the time, place and context. "The world is simply a mirror, reflecting back to us our own inner state". The way we see the world is a refection of ourselves. Our judgment/ statements about others are more a statement of ourselves. Therefore they serve as a basis of our assessment by others. And tell others of what state of mind we are in. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A city called Mathura

For some its a crowded city
with hustle & bustle from morning to night
For others its a holy city
-the birth place of Krishna
Some talk about the eternal love of Radha-Krishna

Some want to enjoy the Holi of Barsana
Others want to visit  Gokul, Vrindavan and the arti of Yamuna
Some want to taste the delicious Pedas, Khurchan and Mishri-malai
Others cannot forget the pestering Pandas and the sneaking monkeys all around
The ghats, dancing peacocks, foreigners and what not.

But to me, when I close my eyes and see Mathura,  I see my home, my childhood and the smiles of my folks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


आज जब रात को बाहर यूँ ही नजरे पड़ी तो देखा हल्की हल्की बर्फ गिर रही थी. उस बर्फ की चादर पर खरगोश के नन्हे बच्चो को खेलता देख कर घर का आँगन याद आ गया.  हरसिंगार के सफ़ेद फूल घर के आँगन में इसी तरह हम पर गिरा करते थे. जब हम सब देर रात तक खेलते थे तब भी यही लगता था रात जल्दी ना चली जाए , आज भी यह  लग रहा  है सुबह जल्दी न हो जाए. स्मृति-कलश से कब क्या छलक कर सामने आ जाये, कोई नहीं कह सकता. 

(Tonight  as I glanced out, saw the snow flurries falling. Seeing the young rabbits playing on the sheet of powdery snow made me remember my childhood. The white flowers of Harsingar in the courtyard of the house fell on us the same way as the snow flurries when we played around. Playing late at night everyone wished that night does not pass away quickly, and even today I wish that the dawn does not step in early. It is hard to predict what spills out of the memory-pitcher or what an old memory wave pitches at you.)

 Although i ventured outside to take a glimpse of the Super moon but the snow flurries, the powder on the ground and the rabbit family was an equally gratifying sight for me and i will remain thankful for that. :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On books

I am not sure whether I will love e-readers ( though they make books available at lower prices and make them easily portable); reading the printed hard bound copy has a wonderful feeling- touching and flipping the pages, the experience of crisp and nutty smell of the book and the most important is I never get that joy while searching online which i get in the bookstores. Spending time in and around the books all over with coffee and light music in backdrop. That is bliss. Many others like it as well, I always find these bookstores  quite full with book lovers reading and browsing.
Yesterday, I went to Chapters and was browsing through the "Deal section" and though I got a good bargain on classic fictions of Jane Austen but a bug has been troubling my mind since then. I thought of sharing it here, may be I will get the answers. So here it is:

  • How does the publisher/ author estimate the cost of his/ her own book.
  • Whether the content of the book decides the cost of the book. Does the cost of the book influence its sales. If you want to buy a book would you buy a costly one or one that is not so expensive, or is it the size of the book.
  • Why are the great classics (first hand) in discount sections. Does this show unpopularity and distaste that the general reader has developed for them, are they anachronous or is it the book-store wants to clear  the stock asap.
  • What is the use of a knowledge that you want to share with the world but only some people can afford it. I  am thinking about the old age epics which were handed to next generation and popularized by rote.
Actually the word "Bargain books" bothers me, as if there is no difference between the books and other commodities and that is a troubling feeling for me. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Mistake

I was playing around with the settings on the blog and unknowingly clicked the hide comments. I noticed it today. Sorry about any inconvenience caused.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Driving force

Only the innocence of kids can solicit a smile which you cherish for long. Today in the mall we were in a lineup for coffee, near the escalator that was for riding downwards. And a little boy, I think he must have been 4 or 5 year old, was  at the end of the escalator pulling the side rail  like a rope as it was rolling down.

It was great fun for the kid who was just playing with the side rail, but for the lookers-on it did give an impression that the kid was moving the escalator down. I was almost reminded of the managers at work who think they are running the show and are indispensable, and if they were not there, the roll of daily events, the normal business would stop. The leaders, the driving force. They walk fast in the hallways, run from one meeting to another and are often attending emails while in meetings. The busy bees.

Some time mundane things throw great analogies.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A birthday Log

When I was in school, I always wished that my birthday never fall on sundays and holidays. The birthday was the most awaited event of the year and why waste it on a sunday when you could be in school where you get treated specially among friends and teachers. I used to keep a count of who wished me and who did'nt, a habit that I keep to this day. I also reminded my near and dear in case they forgot, something I do even now. I guess some habits do not change with time. For people who are close to your heart why be formal. My birthday was not a day event but a couple of week event and I kept myself busy with planning. The birthday got marked on the calendar the day the new one arrived in new year. I do not do that now. Things happened that I guess have mellowed down my enthusiasm for celebrations.

My birthday now is more like a personal thing and I do not party or dine with friends anymore.  I do not also visit any temples as my belief in the Holy side has been a little shaky always. What I do though is treat myself with some special gifts. This year I bought myself a Macbook Pro which is quite different and better than the laptops I have been used too. I am sitting with it trying to improve my Mac skills and chatting with my family.

So much for my birthday. Happy birthday to Me. Enjoy !!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

देखिये तो लगता है,
ज़िन्दगी की राहों में,
एक भीड़ चलती है,
सोचिये तो लगता है,
भीड़ में हैं सब तन्हाँ,

जितने भी यह रिश्ते हैं,

काँच के खिलोने हैं,
पल में टूट सकते हैं,
एक पल में हो जाये,

  कोई जाने कब तन्हा!

देखिये तो लगता है,

जैसे यह जो दुनियाँ है,
कितनी रँगी महफ़िल है,
सोचिये तो लगता  है,
कितना ग़म है दुनियाँ में,
कितना ज़ख़्मी हर दिल है !

वो जो मुस्कुरातें थे, 
जो किसी को ख्वाबों में ,
अपने पास पाते थे ,
उनकी नींद टूटी है ,
और हैं वो अब तन्हाँ!

देखिये तो लगता है,
ज़िन्दगी की राहों में,
एक भीड़ चलती है,
सोचिये तो लगता है,
भीड़ में हैं सब तन्हाँ!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Artistry in daily life

 Connecting dots into 
patterns filled with colours
on the doorstep
echoing the message
You are welcome  

Potted plants
In different sizes and various shapes
hanging  atop or placed in stands
abound with colors
potpourri of leaves and flowers
uniting them all together

The essence of life
born out of cutting, shredding and pureeing
groomed by saute,  frying or baking
embellished by spices and seasoning
 creates wonders satisfying taste palate

Knitting & sewing
Warmth of love
embracing the loved ones
beautifying the home
re-energizing the inner soul

Thoughts expressed on canvas
of distinct style and persona
in colors, shades and all hues
 with pencil, paint, oil and brush
whatever way your heart may choose


Mother of all creativity
home to all colors, pictures, sounds and  melody
no claims, no ownership
Yet source of  all inspirations

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Had a Mighty fall

What qualities inspire me to follow people? Though many rooms can be filled by books on Leadership but  sometimes you learn the most when you draw from your personal examples. Also the lessons that you learn from your experiences have a life long impact. And this one is about what  I have felt recently. I am a great listener of Sufi music and revere the great Sufi singers. Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was one of them. His mantle was very worthily carried forward by his nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, only till recently.

Since the day I have heard the news about his getting caught with large loads of currency at the Delhi airport I am not able to listen to his songs. Although it is not a criminal activity but it is still  money laundering and blatant tax evasion. It speaks about the ethics and the character and principles. I do not see any sense behind this behavior nor do I see this as driven by any need. This person has been endowed by nature with a special gift of an incredible voice and had the opportunity to be born in a family of such a great singer like late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Of late Rahat had been the voice of many successful songs and he has a great and long music career before him. A person in his place should all the more avoid falling in the trap of easy greed and lure on money. No body minds earning an extra dollar but more important are the principles that a person should stand for, much more important than all the talent combined.

After some time may be I will return back to listening to his songs but I think he has fallen from grace. Unknowingly he has set an example that for anybody to be in a leading position, the most important quality that one needs to stand for is that of strong ethics and honesty. That is the reason why world over people still follow leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln.

Hope some people learn from this example.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bliss !!!

I am not talking about a tempting dish or some delicious food but the meal that satisfies your soul. Like for me it is arhar daal with chawaal, vinegar dip onions, green chili, aam ka achaar and yogurt. Heavenly!!

Just like after visiting beautiful places in the world and staying in allishaan hotels, you feel  more comfortable in the warmth of your home in your bed.:)

Or like no matter how much good your job is, however high the salary is, even with appropriate recognition but there is still an emptiness somewhere that gets replaced by excitement and junoon when you get to do something you love and crave for, like an entrepreneurship. Plain simple joy, I mean!

I am not sure whether I am able to justify my point of view or not, but  I think this search for satisfaction helps me in making decisions about planning ahead for career change. Courage to make these decisions, I guess, automatically comes when you are financial independent.

We all excel in endeavors  that we are madly passionate about. It would be safe to say that our drive for excellence is an eternal search for bliss.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 14

Red, pink, bling-bling apparels, soft toys, flowers, and decorations in the malls by the end of January shows how everybody is getting ready to celebrate the Valentine's Day. I think 14 Feb is the only day throughout the year  which people around the world celebrate all together, however they can- in full public glare or even in the most clandestine ways.

Last year me and one of my friends counted  male versions of  the ' Red Riding Hood'. Even though both of us were in red hoodies too. But it was plain fun. I am talking about the kind of outfit Sallu is wearing in this video


Sometime early days I wrote this poem. Some of you might have read it before and though now I find it a little kindergarten-ish stuff but still I am posting it again.

My Wish

If I had wings
I would fly to wherever you were
If I had colors
I would paint your life with my magical hues
If I were the sun
I would bring warmth to your cold & gloomy days
If I were the moon
I would beam down my light to make your life bright
If I were a star
I would twinkle in your life
If I were the rain
I would wash away your pains
My simple wish is I hope to be the joy of your life

Happy Valentines

This year the Valentine's Day  falls on Monday (busy day) but I am sure we will manage to go out and have fun.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Love 'em the way they are

While one of them is not able to withstand the noisy T.V, the other one complains about the late night reading habit. No one is ready to compromise or listen to the other one. Such is the scene every time when I call home. Dad complains "ghar machchi-baazar bana rekha hai"(this house is as noisy as a fish market) and Mom says "raat bhar sar per light jalti rehti hai, so bhi nahi saktey" (I can not sleep whole night with this light turned on). So their intelligent daughter :-) bought them a wireless headphone and a book light. Which no doubt they like it and are using it but now a new problem has started.

Dad says: "your mother is giving me deaf ears".

While my mother is busy trying to find out new things to complain about.

I think I love when they crib about each other which means that everything is fine at home. Otherwise I fear something is not right on their side.My only wish is if there is a Mighty power above then I pray to it that my parents pass their life happily together till their last breath.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time is not a healer...

They say time heals everything.Uber lie!!
It is just that with time people accept the truth and become strong enough to live with the loss. They have mastered themselves to hide the pain, and it doesn't mean that they are healed. Its far from possible.
The only thing is, they don't want to make life miserable for them and people around them. Involving and keeping busy is the only thing to distract them from their wounds. Time doesn't heal and it never can.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Powerful Words

I was watching 'No One Killed Jessica'. And at two instances in the movie I was strongly convinced that sometimes nothing but swearing is the only choice.

Sometimes people can act very insensitive even sadistic to some degree, which totally appalls me and fills me with disgust.Though I agree that there can be many ways to correct them but their act can become so unbearable that after swearing and venting out the anger one feels relieved and that person instantly gets the message.

May be with time this attitude of mine may change b'coz I have often in the past laughed at old stubbornness and rigidity. My attitude used to be 'often wrong but never in doubt'. Time has taught me virtues of relaxing and taking it easy.:-) But I still believe that if sweet words spread harmony then retorting back preserves harmony.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

रश्मिरथी- The Sun's charioteer

My knowledge of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was restricted to the few poems that were a mandatory reading in the school text books. Of late someone suggested me to read Rashmirathi probably influenced by my love for reading mythological/ historical literature. During my recent trip to India I bought a lot of Hindi books which included Rashmirathi. Now I have just started reading this book and I was totally bowled over by the few starting pages (read preface) of the book. The poet has written this in the year 1953 but the poem is most modern in its thinking and heralds the dawn of a new age of meritocracy over the age old shackles of caste and family order. He has been able to invoke this message through the mythological character of Karna in the backdrop of epic struggle of Mahabharata.

About his contribution to the vast body of literature that was being written those days about the often neglected character of Karna, he has to say-

"कर्ण का भाग्य, सचमुच, बहुत दिनो के बाद जगा है. यह उसी का परिणाम है की उसके पार जाने के लिए आज जलयान पर जलयान तैयार हो रहे है. जहाजो के इस बडे बेडे मे मेरी ओर से एक छोटी सी डोंगी ही सही."

I will be reading this book through the coming days and would definitely borrow a few paragraphs from this poem for my blog.