Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mein Tainu Pher Milangi (I will meet you yet again) - Amrita Pritam

I will meet you yet again
How and where? I know not.
Perhaps I will become a
figment of your imagination
and maybe, spreading myself
in a mysterious line
on your canvas,
I will keep gazing at you.
Perhaps I will become a ray
of sunshine, to be
embraced by your colours.
I will paint myself on your canvas
I know not how and where –
but I will meet you for sure.
Maybe I will turn into a spring,
and rub the foaming
drops of water on your body,
and rest my coolness on
your burning chest.
I know nothing else
but that this life
will walk along with me.
When the body perishes,
all perishes;
but the threads of memory
are woven with enduring specks.
I will pick these particles,
weave the threads,
and I will meet you yet again.

Translated by Nirupama Dutt

Friday, October 22, 2010

Turn around the hourglass

It has been a season of endless wait
full of long sorrowful days
and the unending gloomy nights
like the parched desert earth
longing for the monsoon rain

It all seems to have turn around
and it is all so different today
the flowers seem to smile at me
and the dew drops shimmer in the light of dawn
the morning wind sings a song to me
something pleasing is happening all around

And finally its time to turn the hourglass around

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Khali in Lilliput

While watching today's episode of Bigg Boss 4 the entry of Khali reminded me of the tale of 'Gulliver in Lilliput'. Everybody else looked like a Lilliputian in front of him. I don't see anything in Bigg Boss's house that matches Khali's needs. However the episode did become very interesting with his entry and all other housemates were definitely in awe of him. Everybody seemed to follow him around the house as if he was an Ajooba. Let's see how the kitchen department, which is perennially short of stuff, is able to meet his requirements.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life's pleasant surprises !!!

- Feelings when you read a book you were not sure of being good, but it left a pleasing impression.
- Joy when you watched a movie and then asked yourself why did I not watch it for so long?
-Pleasant conversation with someone you think is convoluted and not your type.
- Coming to know that your khadus boss is on vacation for 2 week.
- That coming Monday is a holiday.
- Appreciation from a person least expected.
-That your daily commute to work has vanished.

And that is how it make me feel................

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being objective

We all read and comment and present our perspective on different issues that happen around us. Our thoughts about these things may no doubt reflect the truth but the way they are presented also reflect our feelings towards it. A good and very humourous example is that of Jai describing Veeru to mausiji (from movie Sholay). In spite of all the vices that Veeru has, Jai's advocacy for Veeru reflects his friendship.

In matters of opinion it is very difficult to be objective. And though objectivity may be a sought after thing but in real world it does not exist. All opinions even the most politically correct ones represent the bias of the commenter. Extending this further, I would say that being politically correct is not something that I like most. It seems to be pretentious and misleading. I prefer people who can express their opinion openly though with a humane touch and love and compassion towards others.