Sunday, July 25, 2010

The world of small things

Small is petty, insignificant and immaterial, well! may be not. Most important and big things are well presented, polished and masked in politically correct connotations but it is the small things- words that are a slip of the tongue, involuntary gestures- that show a glimpse of the real person and unmask the hidden personality. Though people are too complex to be stereotyped but small acts of kindness or cruelty or mere indifference towards others are the key to decipher someones behavior.
Most big things are draped in pretense and the real world around us is in the small things.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canada Day weekend in Jasper national park

What a tremendous start to the month. I went with a couple of friends to the Rockies nearby. We stayed for a few days in Jasper national park and hiked in the mountains. There is a tramway here that takes you to the Whistler mountain top which is 3500 ft above the base of the mountain. At the summit you are at the mercy of the forces of nature with no proper trails built to aid you. So for a first timer like me it was quite scary. The mountain wind was fast and chilly and enough to knock you off your feet if you are not cautious. But it was very inspiring, you get one to one with raw nature and realize how small or insignificant we all are in comparison to the brute force of nature. Though it also pushes your adrenalin button and feeds your desire to achieve more.

On the ground were some awesome natural lakes with sandy beaches. The glacial silt  in the river water  gives it an awesome green color. Looks very beautiful. And then while returning back we stopped at the Athabasca glacier which has ice as thick as the Eiffel tower is tall. Just listening to these facts was flabbergasting. I will keep the bus tour to the glacier in my future plans.  So refreshing was everything all around that even with my best efforts I could not make my mind worried or think of something tense, strange eh!

And then was the anticlimax, coming back to the mundane city life, I got struck by the flu. A sore throat, running nose and creeping fever, which got cured with some rest,  lots of ice cream, Popsicles ( which my mother would never have allowed  but is advised as common cure for sore throat) and a few unavoidable antibiotics.

But it was a very refreshing trip to Jasper and I look forward to some more.