Friday, June 25, 2010

Heartily Matters !!!

Many times the definition of 'who a sensitive person is' has made me ponder. A  person who openly exhibits his/her emotions  without a slightest regard of people around. He/She could cry at the slightest drop of a hat and would try to outrun others in being empathetic towards the general environment. And there are others  who outwardly appear stoic and are in firm control of their emotions. These people normally do not exhibit emotions to preserve the dignity of the environment they are in. However they are mostly misunderstood as cold- hearted, unemotional people with icy behaviour. And no matter whether their heart splits and bleeds at the agony of others, they are often labeled as heartless beings. And needless to say that I have always reached the conclusion that the second ones are more sensitive.


Aevi said...

emotional sensitivity is binary it either exists or not... i think more/most/less/least should not be clubbed with sensitivity

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Before I took to writing poems, I was considered as someone who didn't have too much in terms of emotions! Even now, until people find out about my poetry, they still conclude I am rather umemotional! I'd agree with your inference here based on my experiences!

anamika said...

I am quite an emotional person but I always come across as stoic...I feel every one is emotional some where or the depends upon the person attitude how he/she manages it..

either a person will make other life hell with his/her emotional outburst and the other person will burry it in his/her heart.

Jinju said...

Dear sneha,
first time m visiting ur blog. But unfortunately, m nt able to read the post. Cud u pls do something abt d font or d background so that it's more readable?

Best wishes,

KParthasarathi said...

There are twoaspects of being sensitive.Being sensitive about what is being said,written or done about oneself is one thing.Most people would come under this category.The other one is being sensitive and alert to others'feelings, needs and well being.Such people are in minority.

Manish Kumar said...

I don't think it's so simple Sneha ! I tend to disagree with your observation that people who r not expressive are branded as unemotional or vice versa.

If a person does any judgment on this basis he/she must be a naive.
Human behaviour is a complex subject. Every person is sensitive to certain things and insensitive to others. And these subtleties of our nature can be only judged over a longer span of time.

Second issue is of communication. If a person in need wants to get ur verbal or physical support u have to understand that express it accordingly. Just keeping it to urself will be really insensitive.

However there are circumstances where our positive action speak much louder than mere words. In those situations without being communicative we can appear as more sensitive.

Punam said...

Hi Sneha, I agree with Manish. It is too much of a complicated issue to just define it in terms of two situations. People who don't express their feelings need not be sensitive and people who do, need not be the opposite. Sneha, many times, human behavior is unpredictable. Some people like to put on a show to gain sympathy. Some don't because they hate sympathy. This is just another case among hundreds of other possibilities.

These days, everyone says, "I am a sensitive person." I bet you noticed that.

Even I say that too. But that also depends upon the difficulties faced in life. Everyone may not face the same kind of difficulties.

Bottom line: Life teaches everybody a different lesson. :-)

Regards, Punam

the outsider said...

hey sneha back to your blog after ages :) and it feels good :)and i would go with k parthasarathi, there are people of those two kinds. but i wouldnt call the 2nd kind completely "sensitive" it may be more of there humane side.. and they are minority.

and manish said something, valid. but viewing from a lighter side, the first impression does always count !its human nature to judge each and everyone they see and grade them. sensitivity i guess, is one of such factors that we judge! but well said :)


Corinne Rodrigues said...

Sneha - I love the look and feel of your blog.
About this post, I guess we all have different ways of dealing with and expressing our emotions - based on our personalities, culture and upbringing. And it differs from case to case. However, I'm sure your post is based on your experience of people.
Will be back for more...following you now.

Sneha said...

@ Abhinav,

I guess there are shades of grey in almost every aspect of life and should hold true for sensitivity too. Though i have seen people with the black and white thinking also.:)

Sneha said...

@ Bikram,

I think i too belong to this category of overtly unemotional and inwardly sensitive people. So we seem to be a company.:D


Sneha said...

@ Anamika,

You bet. I had the same thoughts when i wrote this.:)

have a nice day.:)

Sneha said...

@ Jinju,

Hope your problem got solved.:)

Sneha said...

@ KParthasarathi,

Yes, You are right, they are in real minority and there is another trend that i have seen these days. It has become fashionable not to be sensitive and empathetic towards others.

Sneha said...

@ Manish,

One thing i appreciate about blogging that you get to know different perspectives of any idea that you expressed. Your comment has very well expressed the subtleties of human behaviour.:)

Sneha said...

@ Punam,

I appreciate what you have said.:)
Drawing out generalities on such a topic can appear to be over simplistic.

have a nice day.:)

Sneha said...

@ Sharavan,

feels good to see you back and that you liked the post and the discussion that went with it.:)

Sneha said...

@ Corinne,

yeah, my observation is based on what i have seen happening at various occasions which moved me enough that i could not stop writing about it.:)

Thx for visiting.:)

Jinju said...

Thnx...i can definitely read it nw :)

i totally agree wid kp sir... der r two kinds of sensitivity- sensitivity abt one's own feelings and sensitivity towards others' feelings. the second one is rarer and infinitely precious. And it is that sensitivity alone that can tell u when u really need to be expressive. like manish said, it can b rly insensitive if u dnt express ur support to smeone who badly needs it. u may just b able to wipe off d tear frm a face, show d light to someone stranded in darkness, tell dem dey r nt alone, by doing so. but all said and done, expressiveness is also an innate personal trait- some ppl r just more so dan oders. and d person who is less expressive can b equally empathetic as d expressive person in der own way if dey truly care abt someone or something... d way of expression may b toned down, subtler, but wen it's from the heart, it definitely reaches d person for whom it was intended.

Jay said...

hey sneha,
read ur post bt i beg to differ on ur point of view...i mean as far as i think human behaviour is quite unpredictable and u cant just simply judge a person, jst like dat.........

Sneha said...

@ Jinju,

You bet. Empathy has become a minority trait these days. And u r right that expression of empathy in a right measure is very important though a person has to be judicious enough to understand what the right amount is.:)

Thx for visiting by.:)

have nice day.

P.S:- i like your name its sweet.:)

Sneha said...

@ jay,
You r right that human behaviour is complex and involves different subtleties and shades but i feel based on my experience u can still classify people into broad categories. But i very well understand your perspective.:)

Ria said...

Very rightly said...i am a bit of both. Totally depends on the situation actually.

Sneha said...

@ Ria,

There are not many people who can boast of this quality. Nice to know that you r one of them.:)

Anonymous said...

sensitive with/out control i.e., the question. Correct?

Sneha said...

yes, and i guess the person who is sensitive along with his/her emotions under control is mostly more sensitive. the opposite of this nature is too difficult to handle and digest.:)

knk said...

its really interesting

ASWANI said...

Hello...very well said. Btw, long time. Great to see your comment on my blog. Thanks for still remembering me...Keep in touch and Keep writing..You rock !!

Sneha said...

@ Knk & Aswani,

Thanks for reading and your comments.:)

Have a nice day.:)

ASWANI said...

Welcome Sneha...btw, you have been rewarded. Please check out my new post to know more. Or you can also visit this link to know more -

Thanks and Keep in touch. Have a great weekend ahead :)