Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surprises in bytes

1. Last week me and my friend 'S' were going to downtown by the city train and as usual she started making fun of a girl sitting in front of us in Hindi mix Punjabi. The girl was engrossed in her novel, and as her station arrived she stood and ask my friend "Tussi Downtown ja rehey hou?" (Are you going to Downtown ?). My friend's face went wide open. Since last week we all tease her by asking "Tussi Downtown ja rehey hou?" I just hope that from now she will never dare to make fun of anybody in any language.

2. Today in the city train I met a Polish man who must have been around 80-85 years old and we talked for around 30 min. He grew up in India before partition and had been to Karachi, Jamnagar, Kohlapur and Goa. He sang for me some lines from the beautiful song "mera bulbul so reha hai shorgul na macha" and left me amazed. After talking to him I realized that hindi is no more an unknown language that one can speak publicly and still expect that you would not be understood. Thanks to the spreading bollywood and desidom, hindi is slowly but surely arriving at the global platform.

3. I love internet the most whenever I talk to my Amma (taiji-aunt), who is sitting at 13 hours time difference from my place. She tries to touch me through the screen and bless me and I can feel her through all that distance. Technology serves us miraculously at times.
I love you Amma !!!


Leo said...

yes.. making fun of anyone in any language is not good, and ur friend i guess got the right medicine! :D

nah, Indians are everywhere i guess, so Hindi is no longer unknown.

Ria said...

Interesting experiences in train! :P

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Its so good that you guys actually are able to interact with fellow passengers. I put music in my ears and am totally zoned out of the rest of the world in the train!
But very interesting experiences...maybe I should start talking to people too!
And the world is getting to be a smaller place isn't it? I bet we Indians will take over the world with Hindi in the near future, like the British did with their English!

Anonymous said...

Distance And bonding is weak.
Distance And bonding is strong.

KParthasarathi said...

Nice post.
We never know who knows what language.I have been surprised by a person,not an Indian, asking me in Tamil in a mall what I am looking for.

Shas said...

Interesting stories. Who says bollywood is mindless? Art does serve some purpose in bringing people closer.
Thumbs up to technology!!!