Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The psychology of self-consciousness

It is easily comprehensible and imaginable by a lay person that a social gathering which induces self focus in a person also leads to his/her divided attention. But what is surprising is that it also leads to impaired memory. A study showed that individuals under situations of scrutiny or social anxiety had problems recollecting names and characteristics of people they met. "Public self consciousness was the crucial determinant of how much evaluation of others affect people."

A good example of this is what happened to my friend who failed his first driving test. When the driving examiner sat beside him, he became self conscious which led to divided attention. Less focus on the environment around him led to his missing a stop sign  and thus failing the test. The guy to his much relief passed the next test and drives happily now.
Also children who are under strict srcutiny and constant judgement by their elders become diffident and more self focussed. This ultimatley harms their personality and their social behaviour. I am in much favor of letting people be themselves wherever they are.
While a bit of focus on yourself might help but definitely excessive self-consciousness is big No.

Reference: Self-Consciousness, Public and private  Self-Awareness, and Memory in a Social Setting, Kimble et al, The journal of psychology, 119(1), 59-69.


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hmmm...interesting thought!

Sneha said...

khali dimag shaitan ka ghar, tab hee esey faltu thoughts atey hai.;D

Nishant said...

Oh! So your 'खाली दिमाग' is knitting interesting and fanciful notions like these!? I wish I was born with 'no brain' to think of such posts for my blog!

Nevermind! Good blog. I see the frequency of posting is not okay but it's better writing good posts onve or twice in a month, like U do.

Anamika Sureka said...

You know I have heard so many people failing their driving test because of being too conscious...

But here in India I got my driving license without even meeting the examiner forget about the test..

Feel so sorry for our system .

Sneha said...

@ Nishant,

@ Anamika,
i have seen some kids who totally fail to express themselves in front of their dominating parents and do well in their absence. :(

sirf excessive scrutiny ki wajah sey self-consciousness ho jatey hain.

Booklover said...

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Would love to know what you think!

Sneha said...

@ Booklover,
Thx for the invite, i will definitely visit your blog.:)

Manish Kumar said...

hmmm well said but as a parent it sometimes become difficult to keep the level of attention with in the desirable limits

Sneha said...

i agree, a parent's role is a challenging one and sometimes stressful too.:)

Amused Alien said...

i didnt actually get what message u wanted to convey.

My dad used to be really strict though i guess i wasnt mch of an asshole but we had a bond that had a different kind of communication. Now as i am no longer the 12 year old i used to be we are more of friends but i remember when my brain used to go numb as soon as i found him in my vicinity

Sneha said...

Well, i wrote this post b'coz i was kind of taken aback by the extent of the effect that self consciousness can have on an individual in a negative way. And overly disciplined childhood also contributed to the same.