Sunday, February 14, 2010

For You

Your craving for me,
is the reason I am
of different hues, light & dark
under the heat, through the grind
textured fine with a silky shine
my journey ends on your lips
a sip that awakes the senses
thrills the mind and lifts the spirit
Oh! how much I love you
I am for you, nothing without you


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Miley sur mera tumhara"- however the original one

I happened to watch the new 'Miley sur mera tumhara' song and it proved to be a disappointment. May be because the original song had set the bar so high that the remake couldn't match the expectations. I think the very concept of remake makes its success precarious as it lacks the originality and the imagination that attracts people to it. Also I think the original song was more people focused and it showed prominent personalities intermingled and mixed with the other common folks. On the contrary this one looks like a bollywood trailer or a star kid promotion video-it does not have the depth and the creativity that such a piece of art warrants. It seems that the soul is missing from the song. Its like what 'Ramu ki aag' has done to 'Sholey'.

I am glad to share the original piece.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Born in a muddy pool,
I am often bitten by bugs,
that live with me in this dirty, murky world
and feed on my leaves
but still this home i love abound
The dirty murky miry pond
that i call my home
nurtures, nourishes & shelters me
transforms me into a beautiful flower
fills me with beauty and enchanting powers
that keeps my head high
enshrines me in the heart of millions
and at the Lotus Feet of God