Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mein Tainu Pher Milangi (I will meet you yet again) - Amrita Pritam

I will meet you yet again
How and where? I know not.
Perhaps I will become a
figment of your imagination
and maybe, spreading myself
in a mysterious line
on your canvas,
I will keep gazing at you.
Perhaps I will become a ray
of sunshine, to be
embraced by your colours.
I will paint myself on your canvas
I know not how and where –
but I will meet you for sure.
Maybe I will turn into a spring,
and rub the foaming
drops of water on your body,
and rest my coolness on
your burning chest.
I know nothing else
but that this life
will walk along with me.
When the body perishes,
all perishes;
but the threads of memory
are woven with enduring specks.
I will pick these particles,
weave the threads,
and I will meet you yet again.

Translated by Nirupama Dutt

Friday, October 22, 2010

Turn around the hourglass

It has been a season of endless wait
full of long sorrowful days
and the unending gloomy nights
like the parched desert earth
longing for the monsoon rain

It all seems to have turn around
and it is all so different today
the flowers seem to smile at me
and the dew drops shimmer in the light of dawn
the morning wind sings a song to me
something pleasing is happening all around

And finally its time to turn the hourglass around

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Khali in Lilliput

While watching today's episode of Bigg Boss 4 the entry of Khali reminded me of the tale of 'Gulliver in Lilliput'. Everybody else looked like a Lilliputian in front of him. I don't see anything in Bigg Boss's house that matches Khali's needs. However the episode did become very interesting with his entry and all other housemates were definitely in awe of him. Everybody seemed to follow him around the house as if he was an Ajooba. Let's see how the kitchen department, which is perennially short of stuff, is able to meet his requirements.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life's pleasant surprises !!!

- Feelings when you read a book you were not sure of being good, but it left a pleasing impression.
- Joy when you watched a movie and then asked yourself why did I not watch it for so long?
-Pleasant conversation with someone you think is convoluted and not your type.
- Coming to know that your khadus boss is on vacation for 2 week.
- That coming Monday is a holiday.
- Appreciation from a person least expected.
-That your daily commute to work has vanished.

And that is how it make me feel................

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being objective

We all read and comment and present our perspective on different issues that happen around us. Our thoughts about these things may no doubt reflect the truth but the way they are presented also reflect our feelings towards it. A good and very humourous example is that of Jai describing Veeru to mausiji (from movie Sholay). In spite of all the vices that Veeru has, Jai's advocacy for Veeru reflects his friendship.

In matters of opinion it is very difficult to be objective. And though objectivity may be a sought after thing but in real world it does not exist. All opinions even the most politically correct ones represent the bias of the commenter. Extending this further, I would say that being politically correct is not something that I like most. It seems to be pretentious and misleading. I prefer people who can express their opinion openly though with a humane touch and love and compassion towards others.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The superstitious me

If I feel any of my loved ones are in some problem and  I cannot do anything about it then my heart begins to hope and pray for something miraculous to help me out. Its then that my logical mind take a back seat and forces me on the path that  I normally consider as superstitious and mindless. I guess the mind is kind of divided into two parts logical and emotional. And the fear of losing something forces the emotional half to rule. My thinking is that if some of my superstitious and emotional acts are not harmful and bothersome to others, there is no problem in doing them. This is the reason why I sometimes do many things that makes my mother happier.
Although I would not encourage anybody to be superstitious and do things that make no sense.And definitely not motivated by greed or gain.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Discover yourself !!!

A very dear friend of mine sent me this video. Its thought provoking and what it tell us is that none of our disabilities can be an obstacle if we don't perceive it to be one. Each one of has a unique ability which cannot be over powered by a visible disability and it is this ability that can propel us to achieve whatever dreams we have. Rather than blindly imitating others, the discovery of our inner-self is of paramount importance. Its our attitude that makes the life different for us.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Accents, dialects and blah blah !!!

I am sure this is not the first time I have seen someone being ridiculed for a funny accent, be it an East Indian speaking Hindi in Delhi or a South Asian speaking English in north America.
Language that was meant for communicating and building bridges between peoples and cultures is often used to discriminate and divide them into self-sustaining groups (aka islands).
While a tinge of humour in a group of people is acceptable and even likable but deriding somebody because of the way s/he speaks is disrespecting to human intellect.
Language should only be a means to communicate and once the meaning is understood, the means should not become more important than the end. Some people are trained in the faculty of languages and are fortunate enough to be able to express themselves in different languages, which is a commendable skill. But the lack of it should not be a reason of concern. Excellent speech and its various forms are just good enough to amuse and relax and perhaps motivate but are not anything more than that. Its like looking at a good picture or a listening to a good song. Constructive and persuasive arguments are different and are not dependent upon accents and dialects. They are more like mathematical theorems that stand on their own feet. To my mind oratorical magic is an art that can be used to persuade the gullible and not the intelligent. Consider somebody like Dr Steven Hawking, I am sure he does not depend upon some language to either motivate him, amuse him or to express himself.
One reason why most of the people in this world are considered unread or illiterate is because we do not value the language in which they speak and thereby deny ourselves of the collective wisdom of a big group of people.
But there are people who are able to rise above this mindset and focus on important and more constructive things. I wish this was true for most of us.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The world of small things

Small is petty, insignificant and immaterial, well! may be not. Most important and big things are well presented, polished and masked in politically correct connotations but it is the small things- words that are a slip of the tongue, involuntary gestures- that show a glimpse of the real person and unmask the hidden personality. Though people are too complex to be stereotyped but small acts of kindness or cruelty or mere indifference towards others are the key to decipher someones behavior.
Most big things are draped in pretense and the real world around us is in the small things.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canada Day weekend in Jasper national park

What a tremendous start to the month. I went with a couple of friends to the Rockies nearby. We stayed for a few days in Jasper national park and hiked in the mountains. There is a tramway here that takes you to the Whistler mountain top which is 3500 ft above the base of the mountain. At the summit you are at the mercy of the forces of nature with no proper trails built to aid you. So for a first timer like me it was quite scary. The mountain wind was fast and chilly and enough to knock you off your feet if you are not cautious. But it was very inspiring, you get one to one with raw nature and realize how small or insignificant we all are in comparison to the brute force of nature. Though it also pushes your adrenalin button and feeds your desire to achieve more.

On the ground were some awesome natural lakes with sandy beaches. The glacial silt  in the river water  gives it an awesome green color. Looks very beautiful. And then while returning back we stopped at the Athabasca glacier which has ice as thick as the Eiffel tower is tall. Just listening to these facts was flabbergasting. I will keep the bus tour to the glacier in my future plans.  So refreshing was everything all around that even with my best efforts I could not make my mind worried or think of something tense, strange eh!

And then was the anticlimax, coming back to the mundane city life, I got struck by the flu. A sore throat, running nose and creeping fever, which got cured with some rest,  lots of ice cream, Popsicles ( which my mother would never have allowed  but is advised as common cure for sore throat) and a few unavoidable antibiotics.

But it was a very refreshing trip to Jasper and I look forward to some more.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Heartily Matters !!!

Many times the definition of 'who a sensitive person is' has made me ponder. A  person who openly exhibits his/her emotions  without a slightest regard of people around. He/She could cry at the slightest drop of a hat and would try to outrun others in being empathetic towards the general environment. And there are others  who outwardly appear stoic and are in firm control of their emotions. These people normally do not exhibit emotions to preserve the dignity of the environment they are in. However they are mostly misunderstood as cold- hearted, unemotional people with icy behaviour. And no matter whether their heart splits and bleeds at the agony of others, they are often labeled as heartless beings. And needless to say that I have always reached the conclusion that the second ones are more sensitive.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

With light, you steal some darkness

Recently I have read Khaled Hosseini's book “The Kite Runner”. The book is an excellent story about a boy and his boyhood friend. There are some excellent lines in this book, one of which is  When you kill a man, you steal a life.... You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.”

Also while bloghopping a day back I came across this poem by Dr. Kanhaiyalal Nandan.

मृत्य जिजीविषा से बहुत डरती है

मरने में मरने वाला ही नहीं मरता 
उसके साथ मरते हैं
बहुत सारे लोग
जैसे रोशनी के साथ
मरता है थोड़ा अंधेरा।
जैसे बादल के साथ
मरता है थोड़ा आकाश।
जैसे जल के साथ
मरती है थोड़ी सी प्यास।
जैसे आंसुओं के साथ
मरती है थोड़ी सी आग भी।
जैसे समुद्र के साथ
मरती है थोड़ी धरती।
जैसे शून्य के साथ
मरती है थोड़ी सी हवा।
उसी तरह
जीवन के साथ
थोड़ा-बहुत मृत्यु भी
मरती है।
इसीलिये मृत्य
जिजीविषा से
बहुत डरती है।

~ डा.कन्हैयालाल नंदन

It is amazing how these two different pieces of prose and poetry so effectively express the same idea. Its amazing that these have been written at two different times, in two different languages  and with reference to two different subjects. But  I guess the philosophy of life does not change.

Monday, May 31, 2010



Does not  follow a specific bind
Cares not for a time
Out of nowhere it catches the mind
Levitates you, leaving all behind

You enter into a land
Where you are the master
And the destroyer
Where the world is your canvas
And creativity the magic wand
Where the impossibles take shape
Makes you break into a ecstatic dance
A crescendo that triggers a trance


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surprises in bytes

1. Last week me and my friend 'S' were going to downtown by the city train and as usual she started making fun of a girl sitting in front of us in Hindi mix Punjabi. The girl was engrossed in her novel, and as her station arrived she stood and ask my friend "Tussi Downtown ja rehey hou?" (Are you going to Downtown ?). My friend's face went wide open. Since last week we all tease her by asking "Tussi Downtown ja rehey hou?" I just hope that from now she will never dare to make fun of anybody in any language.

2. Today in the city train I met a Polish man who must have been around 80-85 years old and we talked for around 30 min. He grew up in India before partition and had been to Karachi, Jamnagar, Kohlapur and Goa. He sang for me some lines from the beautiful song "mera bulbul so reha hai shorgul na macha" and left me amazed. After talking to him I realized that hindi is no more an unknown language that one can speak publicly and still expect that you would not be understood. Thanks to the spreading bollywood and desidom, hindi is slowly but surely arriving at the global platform.

3. I love internet the most whenever I talk to my Amma (taiji-aunt), who is sitting at 13 hours time difference from my place. She tries to touch me through the screen and bless me and I can feel her through all that distance. Technology serves us miraculously at times.
I love you Amma !!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Be the holding hand

The most difficult thing in life is to console somebody. And for a person like me who doesn't exhibit emotions very openly, it becomes even more difficult. These are the moments when sincere and heartfelt words appear to be cheesy and superficial. Consoling words are sincere and comforting only if they are backed by a sincere action. If you can't be of any help or are not willing to take out sometime for the people who need help, then better don't  give false hope. There are people who would pose to be your true well wishers and to satisfy their curiosity  would gather from you every detail of what has happened. Nobody needs lecturing, preaching or trite cliches.
A warm hug, a sincere nod, a patient ear and a holding hand is all that you need to console somebody.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things far and near

Amidst the snowy and chilly wind,
I think of the distant past,
Of flying kites,
Of thandi lassi, mithi kulfi, 
And  sleepy hot afternoons,
My heart aches,
I sulk, sigh and brood abound.

As days pass,
Sitting on the deck under the bright sun,
I enjoy my afternoon soup,
Of warm summery breeze,
The mood has changed, the air is light,
Everything seems so joyous around.

Things far and near always churn my heart
My mind takes a flight,
Landing on my feet sometimes like a deft trapeze artist,
Wiped-out otherwise by strong emotional waves.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The psychology of self-consciousness

It is easily comprehensible and imaginable by a lay person that a social gathering which induces self focus in a person also leads to his/her divided attention. But what is surprising is that it also leads to impaired memory. A study showed that individuals under situations of scrutiny or social anxiety had problems recollecting names and characteristics of people they met. "Public self consciousness was the crucial determinant of how much evaluation of others affect people."

A good example of this is what happened to my friend who failed his first driving test. When the driving examiner sat beside him, he became self conscious which led to divided attention. Less focus on the environment around him led to his missing a stop sign  and thus failing the test. The guy to his much relief passed the next test and drives happily now.
Also children who are under strict srcutiny and constant judgement by their elders become diffident and more self focussed. This ultimatley harms their personality and their social behaviour. I am in much favor of letting people be themselves wherever they are.
While a bit of focus on yourself might help but definitely excessive self-consciousness is big No.

Reference: Self-Consciousness, Public and private  Self-Awareness, and Memory in a Social Setting, Kimble et al, The journal of psychology, 119(1), 59-69.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chanakya -the hindi teleseries

I happened to get the link of this television series in Google videos and once I started watching it  got hooked to it and thus spent my long Easter weekend watching the entire 8 volumes, almost 32 hours of video. No other historical series that has been made in Hindi has impressed me more. It is a phenomenally well researched work with a meticulous eye on detail orientation. The serial is directed by Dr Chandra Prakash Dwivedi who also plays the role of Vishnugupt Chanakya. As evident by its name the story revolves around the life and struggle of Chanakya to integrate the different republics present in erstwhile India into a powerful kingdom under a just and systematic rule that works for the welfare of the nation and its citizens. Dwivedi has masterfully played the role of Chanakya and enlivens the character of this ancient political statesman and Vedic sage to the fullest on the small screen. Chanakya who was the foremost teacher of political science and economics in India around 300 BC was also a nation builder and a protector and nurturer of a nascent kingdom. And in that process he made use of all the four facets of the ancient statecraft :- Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed. In the serial Dwivedi has made all efforts to see that Chanakya is well portrayed and in my opinion he has been tremendously successful.

Vishnugupt Chanakya emerges as a perfect role model even for today. I wish I were one of the disciples of Acharya Chanakya and would be a recipient of the immense knowledge and character he embodied.

P.S :- The Hindi used in the serial is a little hard and sometimes I needed the help
of English subtitles to understand.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For You

Your craving for me,
is the reason I am
of different hues, light & dark
under the heat, through the grind
textured fine with a silky shine
my journey ends on your lips
a sip that awakes the senses
thrills the mind and lifts the spirit
Oh! how much I love you
I am for you, nothing without you


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Miley sur mera tumhara"- however the original one

I happened to watch the new 'Miley sur mera tumhara' song and it proved to be a disappointment. May be because the original song had set the bar so high that the remake couldn't match the expectations. I think the very concept of remake makes its success precarious as it lacks the originality and the imagination that attracts people to it. Also I think the original song was more people focused and it showed prominent personalities intermingled and mixed with the other common folks. On the contrary this one looks like a bollywood trailer or a star kid promotion video-it does not have the depth and the creativity that such a piece of art warrants. It seems that the soul is missing from the song. Its like what 'Ramu ki aag' has done to 'Sholey'.

I am glad to share the original piece.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Born in a muddy pool,
I am often bitten by bugs,
that live with me in this dirty, murky world
and feed on my leaves
but still this home i love abound
The dirty murky miry pond
that i call my home
nurtures, nourishes & shelters me
transforms me into a beautiful flower
fills me with beauty and enchanting powers
that keeps my head high
enshrines me in the heart of millions
and at the Lotus Feet of God

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Guide dog and the lesser humans

It happened on the city train today while I was coming back from work. A blind man with his guide dog boarded the train. The dog was a Labrador retriever as the guide dogs are mostly. And may be because i had all the time in the world to observe this dog, I found something very unique about this dog. It had a very calm disposition almost like a monk. This was a moving train with passengers coming in and moving out but the dog was calm, cool and contemplative with a serene expression on its face. Not even once did it look at the other passengers or displayed any expression or emotion or took a sneak a peek out of the windows. I have seen dogs in moving trucks, cars etc and they are up on all fours, tongue sticking out and tail wagging and here was one before me an absolute contrast.
While I was comparing and admiring this dog came in a young playful couple. They started to pet the dog, play with it oblivious of the discomfort it created to the blind guy whom the dog serviced. The dog probably responded a bit but mostly tried to ignore them. Obviously it created a difficult situation for the blind man who totally depended on the dog. I was quite irritated at seeing this but did not wanted to create a scene in the busy train. To me the dog behaved excellently and this couple definitely like lesser human beings.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

जो बीत गई सो बात गई

जो बीत गई सो बात गई
जीवन में एक सितारा था
माना वह बेहद प्यारा था
वह डूब गया तो डूब गया
अम्बर के आनन को देखो
कितने इसके तारे टूटे
कितने इसके प्यारे छूटे
जो छूट गए फिर कहाँ मिले
पर बोलो टूटे तारों पर
कब अम्बर शोक मनाता है

जो बीत गई सो बात गई
जीवन में वह था एक कुसुम
थे उसपर नित्य निछावर तुम
वह सूख गया तो सूख गया
मधुवन की छाती को देखो
सूखी कितनी इसकी कलियाँ
मुर्झाई कितनी वल्लरियाँ
जो मुर्झाई फिर कहाँ खिली
पर बोलो सूखे फूलों पर
कब मधुवन शोर मचाता है

जो बीत गई सो बात गई
जीवन में मधु का प्याला था
तुमने तन मन दे डाला था
वह टूट गया तो टूट गया
मदिरालय का आँगन देखो
कितने प्याले हिल जाते हैं
गिर मिट्टी में मिल जाते हैं
जो गिरते हैं कब उठतें हैं
पर बोलो टूटे प्यालों पर
कब मदिरालय पछताता है

जो बीत गई सो बात गई
मृदु मिटटी के हैं बने हुए
मधु घट फूटा ही करते हैं
लघु जीवन लेकर आए हैं
प्याले टूटा ही करते हैं
फिर भी मदिरालय के अन्दर
मधु के घट हैं मधु प्याले हैं
जो मादकता के मारे हैं
वे मधु लूटा ही करते हैं
वह कच्चा पीने वाला है
जिसकी ममता घट प्यालों पर
जो सच्चे मधु से जला हुआ
कब रोता है चिल्लाता है

जो बीत गई सो बात गई।।

~ हरिवंश राय बच्चन