Thursday, December 24, 2009

Colours in our life

 I have often wondered what makes our likings for different colours so different from other people around us. For eg if  I like a certain colour I would assume that people around me would also like it. But I have found this to be untrue so many times that it bewilders me. This is even true for people who have lived together long enough.

May be everything including colours has a natural vibrations that attract or repel us depending upon how our psyche responds to it. Though one can attribute definite reasons for some of these likes/dislikes but for others there are absolutely none. I have read that you can define the personality of the person depending upon what colour s/he likes. We also tend to associate a colour to a certain person so much so that the colour almost begins to represent that person and we tend to like/dislike the colour depending upon how much we like/dislike the person.

I would say that all of us spend a lot of time in life searching the colours and the patterns we like. And I wish in this Christmas and the Holiday Season, Santa led by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer bestows your best colours onto you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wait no more- Watch Avatar

I happened to watch Avatar and hands down its a spectacular movie experience. And more so when you watch it in 3D. The imagery is magnificent although the story is simple and may be predictable to some. The world of Pandora- the planet of the Na'vi people- almost makes you remember the Jurassic park with even more colours and 3D effects giving it an extraordinary flavour. The Na'vi people resemble the indigenous/aboriginal people like everywhere else. Their music has flute and drums and you might almost hear an Indian rhythm within it. The director has successfully delivered a message of respecting Mother Nature and all its elements and abstain from its reckless exploitation. It has a tinge of romanticism and extreme hope and idealism when the movie portrays that the Gods respond to the prayer of the Na'vi people and come to their rescue.

And above all the movie has a happy ending.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Green grass, blue skies & then snow all over

Green grass, blue skies, bright shining sun and flying birds-never missed these so much in my life before the fourth of this December when Calgary was hit by an awful snow storm. The amount of snow pouring from the skies was so horrendous that it caught the people by surprise and coupled with high speed winds just took the life out of the city. Visibility went zero, vehicles got stuck on the roads, mounds of snow and white everywhere, that's what outside was like. It has been one week since and things are in much better control now. Snowplow trucks and salt/sand spreaders are all at full-time work now.
But we friends still enjoyed at home in the evening cooking chicken-biryani, gajar ka halwa and hot coffee.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A particular colour, a peculiar smell, few names and sometime particular food often reminds us of people we met at some stage of life. There are people whom we may like or dislike and there are others who are the few special ones close to our heart and don't need occasions or things to remind us of them. They stay with us in all moments of life and whether we meet them often or not, talk to them often or not, it really doesn't matter.
These are the people with whom we remain connected throughout the whole life.