Sunday, September 13, 2009

A childhood wish

Often in my dreams
I see the shallow streams
And the women singing in the paddy fields
the monsoon rains that makes the fields flood
And the morning sunlight that blooms every bud
the frogs in the streams that croak melodiously
the meditative painted storks that move cautiously

With a streak of white in my hair
and visible wrinkles on my cheeks
A splash of colours on my canvas

and the weather all calm and serene
I live and paint this lively scene
I live and paint this lively scene

One time in my childhood my father was posted in a small cantonment called Hempur (Uttaranchal) located between Kashipur and Ramnagar. And everyday while going to school I use to relish the countryside and wished that sometime later in my life i comeback and live in this place again. I still hope that my childhood wish comes true.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Commemorating our passed ones

This time of the year a big lot among us commemorate our passed ones with a detailed list of rituals and ceremonies. I have witnessed the fanfare with which this is conducted, it almost becoming an occasion to be talked about and told to people around how much and what was done at the day of “shradh”. I think they do it out of awe and fear that something bad would befall if this is not done on a specific way and time and method. Our clever pundits have many such stories up their sleeves which they can instantly dish out about what happened when the family did not do the shradh of their parents. People who do not do these pujas are often criticised by the family and the relatives and blamed for any ills happening around them. I have also seen that these are the same people who probably ill-treated their folks when they were old and alive often blaming them for too much interference in their lives. And once they have passed away then all the love suddenly begins to bloom and show off. You can find that manifested in various forms – donations to the priests/temples in the name of their parents, building rooms, benches and whatever can be in the name of their parents.

Probably a simpler and a much easy form to remember your loved ones after they have passed away is to just think about them and be happy that you were able to do whatever was best possible to be done in those circumstances.
And the people who did nothing then now organize animated ceremonies and conduct elaborate rituals to demonstrate their love. It is like shutting the barn door after the horse has gone. Its pity to see our religious practices have fallen to this abysmal depth of illogical decay. And I hope people have the courage to see some sense.