Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shankar Halwai in Mathura

Fond memories of yesterdays keep visiting you as you go along in life. That's what I realized when I stumbled upon a you tube video about Shankar halwai. I have visited this shop numerous times and it was almost second nature to eat at this place while visiting the Holi-gate, which is the heart of the city. This is one of the oldest shops in Mathura and offers you a complete pure vegetarian food at astonishingly modest prices that can be afforded by the most ordinary Aam adami. And all this doesn't make the food any less tastier, in fact this food can be one of the most mouth watering north Indian food that anybody can have or boast of. Another thing to note is that all their preparations are completely devoid of garlic and onions.

I could recognize in the video the friendly attendants who served the food lovingly and all the lovely sweets that are characteristic of the winter season. Though the shop is not very gung ho on ambiance and decor but this is typical of an old city crowded eating joint. The shop is visited by people from all classes of life, the very rich seths to the extreme poor, who sit along side by side enjoying eating together.

To say the least I started feeling home sick after watching this video.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friendship and the bane of adulthood

I remember as a child I had a lot of friends and I didn't need any reason to make friends. And they remain friends in spite of any arguments,difference of opinion or even occasional fights. The sooner these differences appeared the sooner they vanished and the friendship remained without any scars or remnants of these differences. We were quick to appease and pacify an angry friend. There were no ego and personal pride involved in all this.

However things changed as I grew older. Probably all of us became more worldly wise, street smart and savvy. We begin to have personality clashes and yearned for more private space in our lives. The demands of our personal and professional life has taken over most of the available time and we have led small excuses come in the way of making more friends and sustaining the old ones.

I seriously lament all this around me and wish the things were the same as they were during my childhood days.

Wish you all a very happy friendship day.