Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Viewpoint

Nowadays its fashionable to criticize anything that has western origins. The days to commemorate your father, mother, valentine etc that are commonplace in the western style of life are the usual targets of such activity. Oft repeated argument is that these days are needless, almost fake, exhibition of our concern for people that are so near and dear to us. Another claim is that these days are against the Indian ethos and values and celebrating them is denigrating the Indian culture.

If these arguments hold then we should not be celebrating our birthdays, anniversaries also. Days such as father's day are special occasions where we set aside our daily routine work and do something special to remind ourself and our dear ones of our love towards them. It baffles me to think how can this celebration denigrate the Indian culture.

As all other young girls I have always idolized my father and still do.:-)

Lets join together to commemorate Father's day.


Anonymous said...

Respecting others values is good but first we should know what our values are.

naughty said...

Lets get drenched in the celebrations of this special day.

I agree with you!
To hell with such silly propagandas.

I believe that such days add an added dollop of love and affection in any relationship, rather than demeaning them.

Lets join hands,in carrying forward such traditions.

Mohita said...

Btw,I forgot to mention my name.
It was me ,Mohita who just commented on this post.

Sorry,I had been using my other account under the name of 'naughty' while commenting.

You've a wonderful blog.
I just love it!

Dhanya said...

I am all for celebrating these so called special 'westernized' occasions!


Arv said...

I do feel that these days are generated for business reasons...

life should not be too busy to tell us that we need to reserve one day off to celebrate the relationship we have with someone...

aint we supposed to do so everyday or atleast every other day????

Aevi said...

there is a hypocrite
in all of us

Anonymous said...

Sneha, thoughtful post. what i believe is the arguments ppl put up to bash this kinda days that its against Indian culture n all that is crap.

i would always show my middle finger to the self proclaimed guarantors of the so called Indian culture.

second i believe that we in India are so deeply attached to our moms and dads that we really dont need to celebrate this days.

thats just my opinion.

Aswani said...

Yes, very rightly said. Just do what you wish to do. Let others shout and cry.

Father's Day..I mean what is wrong if we celebrate it. so silly to think that such celebrations go against our culture, the so called Indian Ethos :(

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Hi Sneha,

Every day that we are alive is worth celebrating.. So, nothing wrong in dedicting certain days to certain personalities who form such an important part of our live..

Nice post.

Please read a similar post on my site on "Fathers day"



Pallav said...

log to log hi raheengey..
n u knw we shld do whatever we wish..
u celebrate n says thanks to ur dad..

we shld remmber the purpose of these days to let other person know that we care for u n we love u.. n there is no harm..
People say ths is what only for business purposes.. then we shld stop celebrating the Diwali n holi.. n all other festivals they also genrate business..

tk cr

Savvy said...

really touching one sneha

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ASWANI said...

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Thanks !


u r right..
bt we hav to see both the aspects..
these days are gud..if we celebrate them in proper way.
these things have been started for business reasons..
bt in such busy lives.. we need these days to remind us tht yes we love thm n we sometimes need to express these feelings.. :)

Sneha said...

Thanks each and everyone of you for your precious time and comments on my post.:)

have a nice day.:)

Keep visiting.:)

Roo-Ba-Roo said...

I think we should never hesitate to accept the cultures & traditions of others if they are good...its baseless argument to criticize each n everything of western


Sneha said...

@ Sandy,
well said.:)