Saturday, June 27, 2009

Use & Throw

In the age of recyclable plastics, "Use & Throw" philosophy has permeated into our psyche. We are contemporary to the thousands of plastics that has been discovered in the last 30 years when most of us have been born and raised. The only way to deal with used plastic is to throw them away and we have most likely extended that philosophy into our life. We use and throw away our relationships, try to discover new ones and then throw them away and then try to discover again. We are the perpetrator as well as the victim in this game of use and throw. That's the bane of the age of plastics.

Happy living !!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Young Vine

A young green vine

In search of a support

Twines around the seemingly benign rose bush

Unaware of its duplicity

Gets stinged by the thorns


Falls back on the ground

Pained and abused

| --To mark the plight of young children rampant all around us--|

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Viewpoint

Nowadays its fashionable to criticize anything that has western origins. The days to commemorate your father, mother, valentine etc that are commonplace in the western style of life are the usual targets of such activity. Oft repeated argument is that these days are needless, almost fake, exhibition of our concern for people that are so near and dear to us. Another claim is that these days are against the Indian ethos and values and celebrating them is denigrating the Indian culture.

If these arguments hold then we should not be celebrating our birthdays, anniversaries also. Days such as father's day are special occasions where we set aside our daily routine work and do something special to remind ourself and our dear ones of our love towards them. It baffles me to think how can this celebration denigrate the Indian culture.

As all other young girls I have always idolized my father and still do.:-)

Lets join together to commemorate Father's day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

500 Against 1........

A recent heroic incident would pass away into oblivion if I do not capture this in my post. There were 501 people involved in this incident that took place in the city of Chitrakoot and all the guys involved were armed to the teeth. The real hero of this story was the notorious mobster Kewat who had a "handsome" reward of Rs 50,000 on his head and fought the 500 cops including their valorous leadership for an astounding 48 hours.
I was flabbergasted by the complete ineptitude of the UP police involved in this. How could you need 500 armed policemen with complete logistics to counter a single dacoit.
This speaks volumes of the training, infrastructure and motivation of the police to protect the ordinary citizens from criminals.

This incident should be noticed by all well meaning sections of the society to not to jeer at the cops but to help overhaul the policing system which otherwise is going to the dogs.

Friday, June 12, 2009


कुछ चमकीले मोती , रँगीन चूडियाँ
थोडे कंकर और कागज
उमीदो के रंग मे रंगे
काँच की दीवारों मे
एक दुसरे को देखते
हँसते मुस्कुराते
साथ निभाते
नित्य नया रूप धरते
हर एक करवट पर, नई अकृति लिये मन को सुहाते
तो कभी कुछ अजीब जान पड़ते
उमीद की किरण मन मे बसाये
जीवन रूपी यात्रा मे
कोशिश,उमीद,उल्लास मन मे जगाये
हर सुबह के साथ
नित्य नया रूप अपनाने को तत्पर
जिन्दगी इक कलेइडोस्कोप
इसके उतार चडाव को स्वीकारना
इक कोशिश


Monday, June 1, 2009

Lilac Festival - A Visual Treat !!!

It was a bright sunny day yesterday, yet the breeze that blew was cool making it a perfect day for an outing. And what could be more better than enjoying the one day Lilac festival in downtown Calgary. I couldn't believe the hustle-bustle on 4th street downtown with endless colourful shops on both the sides of the street. The street was jam packed with people mainly young masculine boys with their lovely girls showing off. The pedigreed pet dogs competed with their owners for street space with an equal elan. Lots of multi cuisine food shops with lemonade, smoothies and beer being served in the patio.There was some magical spell in the air, the aroma, the essence, the people and music which was captivating and thrilling.

In one corner the magician was showing off his tricks and the crowd with kids were enjoying it immensely. Further away an Irish band was pulling crowds and just behind them the Havana Cuban dance studio members were performing what was a visual treat.

You name any street shop worth its salt and it was there. Everything from palmist, street massage, Hollywood hair stylist, traditional jewelery from Africa, paintings from Bali, Henna, leather stuff to house mortgage specialists and free dance club membership and last but not least police personnel stationed and patrolling. It had all the contents and masala similar to a street fair back in India like yeh fair or woh fair or this & that fete etc.

But the most astounding was what looked at first sight a statue on a pedestal but soon started swaying on the dholak beats being played by a sadhu. As I went nearer, Oh it was a girl with a golden body paint in a indian dress dancing on dholki and the man was in disguise of a sadhu. It was magnificent. . As I returned back it was late evening and the last sunday of May had begun to end. Some photographs through the eye of my cell.