Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wind Tells Me

I stop walking
The wind pushes against my back
Telling me to move forward

I look behind me
The wind blows in my face
Telling me not to look back

I rake some leaves into a pile
The wind scatters them
Telling me to leave them be

I blow a kiss
The wind takes it
Telling me it will reach the one I love

I cry
The wind dries my tears
Telling me it will all be ok

I whisper a secret
The wind listens
Telling me it will keep it safe

I get angry
The wind soothes me
Telling me it's not worth it

Whatever I do
The wind reacts
Telling me what I need to hear.

~Jocelyn Sullivan~


Arv said...

Wind is a healer.. so true..

beautiful ode to the wind...

thanks for sharing it with us... first time I read it...

have a nice day mate... cheers...

yamini meduri said...

Wind....and thebest friend..!!!


thanks for sharing it Sneha..!!

Anonymous said...

The wind says -
Life is an air - Inhale/Exhale

Harshita said...

Wind is more of a best friend here... Isn't it?

beautiful composition... Thanks for sharing..

Mohita said...


Yeah,Wind,the Saviour!
I loved the free flow of words in this one.Simple yet so powerful!

Dhanya said...

Lovely poem. Made me nod to each and every line! :)

manivannan said...

A heart warming poem!

Makes me remember Bob Dylan's song "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind..."

I felt so good reading it. Much thanks for sharing :)

Take care!

Suyog said...

very nice work ...........well i also love the wind when its cold and calm !!!!

Kartz said...

A beautiful share, Sneha. Thank you.

Tc. :)


Anonymous said...

The wind heals :)

lovely words shared mate.

Anonymous said...

ahh one thing. sab ne thanks bola maine nahi. so me too saying

thanks for sharing :)

Amrita~Ams said...

oo luv u sneha for this..
"I cry
The wind dries my tears
Telling me it will all be ok"
nice lines..

Pallav said...

its a heartfelt n very warm post...

i think u r speaking abt friendship..
i hope...

Cheers :)

IndianPie said...

Awesome post!! Better late than never - many thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your beautiful comment. really appreciated. One request - try visiting more and more..feels good. Anyways, keep smiling and keep in touch :)

IndianPie said...

I also invite you to write a guest post for my blog. Please do the same. Thanks and keep in touch.


really nice lines..
ppl always write abt moon n stars as their soulmates.. their frnds..
but i m first time reading.. wind as a frnd.. n now i want to feel tht.. :)

pisku said...

beautiful piece. good u shared it with everyone!

Anand said...

The wind talks to me too sometimes.
But when it converts itself into a breeze.
When it is angry at changes itself into a storm.
When it wants to pnish me - it brings with itself a lot of dust to put in my eyes.

but I just sit and brave it all.....after cares fr lets me live !!! :-)

Sneha said...

Thanks every one for your precious time.:)
Keep visiting.