Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Twinkling Evening Star

The sun has bid adieu to the weary day

Now the blanket of misty clouds cover the sky

With the twilight all set to embrace the darkness

Amid a gust of wind that blows through

I sit atop the hillock with my eager wait for you

That soon ends

Aloha! the twinkling evening star

I spot you peeping from behind the clouds

And make a wish upon you

The child in me rejoices

With my hope rekindled

That the wish I make tonight be fulfilled

And the illuminating starlight fill my soul



Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

thats an awesome appreciation of the nature.. and reading it,
The child in me rejoices With my hope rekindled
That the wish I make tonight be fulfilled
And the illuminating starlight fill my soul

well done Sneha..

Anonymous said...

hey sneha wlcum back with a bang.

Dhanya said...

Sneha wishing upon the first star she sees huh ? Even I do that :D

Anonymous said...

Amen !

Anonymous said...

kya sneha, ek sitare ke liye itna intezaar? :P


Arv said...

heart warming :)

take care mate.. cheers...

manivannan said...

Each words of yours reflects the beauty of Mother Nature. Awesome sneha!

And when you find time, check out my post, it is also about Nature :-)

Take care friend.


Pallav said...

Thsi si called back with bang..
u hv written superbly..
the way u hv described nature..

kudos to u..


dreamer said...

Superbly written...inspired by your post today I will wait in the twilight to make my wish upon a star!!Keep writing!!:):):)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

nice! i love romancing the twilight too!

Harshita said...

It tickled the child inside me too.

Loved it yaar... and glad u r back to the blog again... par blog ke saath yeh ON-OFF rishta kaisa...

Ab aaye ho.. toh thoda thehar ke jaana :)

Amal Bose said...

that was an awesome write up..
really enjoyed it.
good job :)

Sneha said...

@ Shravan


Sneha said...

@ Dhanya,
It gives a lovely feeling. Dont you think so? :)


Sneha said...

@ Abhishek,
ek sitara nahi hai .ANMOL sitara hai,:)

Sneha said...

@ Arv,
Your post was fabulous.:)

Sneha said...

@ pallav

jaur karna u will feel good.:) and do tell me you experience.:)

Sneha said...


Sneha said...

@ Harshita,
aapka hukum sar aankho per.;)

Sneha said...

@ Amal,

have a nice day.:)

PULKIT said...

written beautifully sneha!
where is the followers widget of your blog?
I wanted to join it...


ur blog is very noce sneha! and aapka naam bhi bahut acha hai.
keep writing!
god bless u!


Sneha said...

@ Pulkit,
Thanks for the appreciation. I put the widget on the blog. :)

have a nice day.:)

Nidzzi said...

hey nice post. child inside us always peep from time to time. i also have written something abt bachpan on my joint blog. do read.

Sneha said...

@ Nidhi,

sure abi padhti hun.:)


hi dear..
nice poem...
u knw i too love to see moon n stars..
they r buddies of mine.. :D
wanna say something to them??? :)

Sneha said...

@ Sahitiyika,

O ! really.:)

That's nice.:)

sawan said...


Sneha said...

@ sawan