Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enchanting Bus Driver !!!

veryday on my way to college, I normally take a bus from the city train station. The bus driver is awesome. She is very talkative and since most of us in the bus are regular college students she knows us pretty well. As we get down at the college bus stop she wishes us well and even when she sees students standing on the side walk she stops the bus out of turn to pick them up. If by chance we happen to take the same bus after the classes are over in the evenings, she welcomes us on board with a broad grin and makes a point to talk to each one of us. There can be nothing more refreshing than somebody trying to cheer you up with such nice gestures. She reminds me of a bus driver 'Salim Bhai' when I was a kid and had jaundice he used to reserve the front seat of the bus for me and wait for me even when I was a bit late. He was a store house of different medical instructions and was caring and affectionate. Even today I remember vividly his burly face,rolling moustaches and stout body.

Bus driving can be a very boring profession because you are moving on the same bus route for 8 hours daily endless number of times. But in spite of the mundane nature of the task these people with their attitude add such immense value to the work at hand that the final product leads to complete customer delight.They are actually best in their class, examples to be followed, with values to be cherished. And I am completely enchanted by them. :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because Of Eva

As a young child, Ryan lost his parents in a car accident. Eva was her neighbor then. Ryan was moved to a foster home and had a very troubled childhood. It was Eva's letters, counsel and financial support that saw him through the college. After college Ryan took up teaching literature at the university and became busy in his family. He then went on to become a successful author. All the while though he remained out of touch with Eva but thanked her for the role she played in nurturing him at a difficult moment in his life. Later he wrote his autobiography and dedicated it to Eva. He decided to meet her to give her a copy of the book.

When he went to meet her at her old house, he was told by the neighbors that Eva is critically ill with cancer. Shocked, he cursed himself for having abandoned her. Finally he located her in a hospital room in her dying moments. Though she could barely talk, she did recognize him and could hear him. Grief stricken, he read her the dedication of his autobiography "Because of Eva" to her and then saw her demise with a happy and peaceful expression on her face and a copy of the book in her hands.

P.S :This story is for the "Tell a Tale" blog . It has a picture around which a story has to be written. This is my take on the prompt for week #4.