Thursday, December 24, 2009

Colours in our life

 I have often wondered what makes our likings for different colours so different from other people around us. For eg if  I like a certain colour I would assume that people around me would also like it. But I have found this to be untrue so many times that it bewilders me. This is even true for people who have lived together long enough.

May be everything including colours has a natural vibrations that attract or repel us depending upon how our psyche responds to it. Though one can attribute definite reasons for some of these likes/dislikes but for others there are absolutely none. I have read that you can define the personality of the person depending upon what colour s/he likes. We also tend to associate a colour to a certain person so much so that the colour almost begins to represent that person and we tend to like/dislike the colour depending upon how much we like/dislike the person.

I would say that all of us spend a lot of time in life searching the colours and the patterns we like. And I wish in this Christmas and the Holiday Season, Santa led by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer bestows your best colours onto you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wait no more- Watch Avatar

I happened to watch Avatar and hands down its a spectacular movie experience. And more so when you watch it in 3D. The imagery is magnificent although the story is simple and may be predictable to some. The world of Pandora- the planet of the Na'vi people- almost makes you remember the Jurassic park with even more colours and 3D effects giving it an extraordinary flavour. The Na'vi people resemble the indigenous/aboriginal people like everywhere else. Their music has flute and drums and you might almost hear an Indian rhythm within it. The director has successfully delivered a message of respecting Mother Nature and all its elements and abstain from its reckless exploitation. It has a tinge of romanticism and extreme hope and idealism when the movie portrays that the Gods respond to the prayer of the Na'vi people and come to their rescue.

And above all the movie has a happy ending.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Green grass, blue skies & then snow all over

Green grass, blue skies, bright shining sun and flying birds-never missed these so much in my life before the fourth of this December when Calgary was hit by an awful snow storm. The amount of snow pouring from the skies was so horrendous that it caught the people by surprise and coupled with high speed winds just took the life out of the city. Visibility went zero, vehicles got stuck on the roads, mounds of snow and white everywhere, that's what outside was like. It has been one week since and things are in much better control now. Snowplow trucks and salt/sand spreaders are all at full-time work now.
But we friends still enjoyed at home in the evening cooking chicken-biryani, gajar ka halwa and hot coffee.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A particular colour, a peculiar smell, few names and sometime particular food often reminds us of people we met at some stage of life. There are people whom we may like or dislike and there are others who are the few special ones close to our heart and don't need occasions or things to remind us of them. They stay with us in all moments of life and whether we meet them often or not, talk to them often or not, it really doesn't matter.
These are the people with whom we remain connected throughout the whole life.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A childhood wish

Often in my dreams
I see the shallow streams
And the women singing in the paddy fields
the monsoon rains that makes the fields flood
And the morning sunlight that blooms every bud
the frogs in the streams that croak melodiously
the meditative painted storks that move cautiously

With a streak of white in my hair
and visible wrinkles on my cheeks
A splash of colours on my canvas

and the weather all calm and serene
I live and paint this lively scene
I live and paint this lively scene

One time in my childhood my father was posted in a small cantonment called Hempur (Uttaranchal) located between Kashipur and Ramnagar. And everyday while going to school I use to relish the countryside and wished that sometime later in my life i comeback and live in this place again. I still hope that my childhood wish comes true.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Commemorating our passed ones

This time of the year a big lot among us commemorate our passed ones with a detailed list of rituals and ceremonies. I have witnessed the fanfare with which this is conducted, it almost becoming an occasion to be talked about and told to people around how much and what was done at the day of “shradh”. I think they do it out of awe and fear that something bad would befall if this is not done on a specific way and time and method. Our clever pundits have many such stories up their sleeves which they can instantly dish out about what happened when the family did not do the shradh of their parents. People who do not do these pujas are often criticised by the family and the relatives and blamed for any ills happening around them. I have also seen that these are the same people who probably ill-treated their folks when they were old and alive often blaming them for too much interference in their lives. And once they have passed away then all the love suddenly begins to bloom and show off. You can find that manifested in various forms – donations to the priests/temples in the name of their parents, building rooms, benches and whatever can be in the name of their parents.

Probably a simpler and a much easy form to remember your loved ones after they have passed away is to just think about them and be happy that you were able to do whatever was best possible to be done in those circumstances.
And the people who did nothing then now organize animated ceremonies and conduct elaborate rituals to demonstrate their love. It is like shutting the barn door after the horse has gone. Its pity to see our religious practices have fallen to this abysmal depth of illogical decay. And I hope people have the courage to see some sense.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shankar Halwai in Mathura

Fond memories of yesterdays keep visiting you as you go along in life. That's what I realized when I stumbled upon a you tube video about Shankar halwai. I have visited this shop numerous times and it was almost second nature to eat at this place while visiting the Holi-gate, which is the heart of the city. This is one of the oldest shops in Mathura and offers you a complete pure vegetarian food at astonishingly modest prices that can be afforded by the most ordinary Aam adami. And all this doesn't make the food any less tastier, in fact this food can be one of the most mouth watering north Indian food that anybody can have or boast of. Another thing to note is that all their preparations are completely devoid of garlic and onions.

I could recognize in the video the friendly attendants who served the food lovingly and all the lovely sweets that are characteristic of the winter season. Though the shop is not very gung ho on ambiance and decor but this is typical of an old city crowded eating joint. The shop is visited by people from all classes of life, the very rich seths to the extreme poor, who sit along side by side enjoying eating together.

To say the least I started feeling home sick after watching this video.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friendship and the bane of adulthood

I remember as a child I had a lot of friends and I didn't need any reason to make friends. And they remain friends in spite of any arguments,difference of opinion or even occasional fights. The sooner these differences appeared the sooner they vanished and the friendship remained without any scars or remnants of these differences. We were quick to appease and pacify an angry friend. There were no ego and personal pride involved in all this.

However things changed as I grew older. Probably all of us became more worldly wise, street smart and savvy. We begin to have personality clashes and yearned for more private space in our lives. The demands of our personal and professional life has taken over most of the available time and we have led small excuses come in the way of making more friends and sustaining the old ones.

I seriously lament all this around me and wish the things were the same as they were during my childhood days.

Wish you all a very happy friendship day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Regality In Capture !!!

Beautiful Fur + Fearsome Reputation = Grim Outlook

The above pictures are from my visit to the local zoo. Apart from the striking beauty and the regality of this magnificent animal what was more striking was the restlessness that I saw it in. The tiger kept moving incessantly inside its enclosure which spoilt my numerous attempts to take its good picture. And though the enclosure was pretty big (half the size of a soccer field ) but it was evident from the behaviour of the tiger that it hated being kept in the captivity and the prying eyes and ever clicking cameras of its human visitors.

This was a disgraceful power equation at display. Just because the human being has power it has captured an otherwise very powerful animal and put it up for display and entertainment. Various thoughts begin to pass by my mind as I watched it. I was entertained and delightful to see 3-4 ft away the king of the jungle, an animal with a fearsome reputation. Each time it passed near by me something trembled inside me, at the same time I felt ashamed at being responsible for keeping an animal under captivity devoid of freedom and its natural habitat.

Its hard for me to conclude whether its good or bad to keep an animal in a zoo or whether the idea of a zoo is good or bad but these questions are difficult to answer and I'am sure they get raised in every person that comes close to this issue.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My first 3-D movie experience

Before this I have always seen animation movies on my laptop but this time i got persuaded by my friend to watch Ice Age-3 in a movie theatre. And for the first few minutes I could not believe what I experienced. As they begin to stream the pre- movie show there is a very distinct 3d effect that you can understand and feel. The falling rain being showed on the screen suddenly begins to have an effect that it has reached you. The thick and dense forest gives you a feeling as if you are walking into it. The river of molten lava begins to flow out of the screen. And the characters (Sid the dimwit sloth, Buck the dino hunting weasel and others ) seem to be floating and diving in the air all the time.
The kids and their parents in the theatre seem to enjoy a lot and shreaked and laughed all through the movie. Overall it is a great fun and I would recommend people watching this movie in a theater if they already haven't.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do not stand at my grave and weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.
~Mary Elizabeth Frye

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Use & Throw

In the age of recyclable plastics, "Use & Throw" philosophy has permeated into our psyche. We are contemporary to the thousands of plastics that has been discovered in the last 30 years when most of us have been born and raised. The only way to deal with used plastic is to throw them away and we have most likely extended that philosophy into our life. We use and throw away our relationships, try to discover new ones and then throw them away and then try to discover again. We are the perpetrator as well as the victim in this game of use and throw. That's the bane of the age of plastics.

Happy living !!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Young Vine

A young green vine

In search of a support

Twines around the seemingly benign rose bush

Unaware of its duplicity

Gets stinged by the thorns


Falls back on the ground

Pained and abused

| --To mark the plight of young children rampant all around us--|

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Viewpoint

Nowadays its fashionable to criticize anything that has western origins. The days to commemorate your father, mother, valentine etc that are commonplace in the western style of life are the usual targets of such activity. Oft repeated argument is that these days are needless, almost fake, exhibition of our concern for people that are so near and dear to us. Another claim is that these days are against the Indian ethos and values and celebrating them is denigrating the Indian culture.

If these arguments hold then we should not be celebrating our birthdays, anniversaries also. Days such as father's day are special occasions where we set aside our daily routine work and do something special to remind ourself and our dear ones of our love towards them. It baffles me to think how can this celebration denigrate the Indian culture.

As all other young girls I have always idolized my father and still do.:-)

Lets join together to commemorate Father's day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

500 Against 1........

A recent heroic incident would pass away into oblivion if I do not capture this in my post. There were 501 people involved in this incident that took place in the city of Chitrakoot and all the guys involved were armed to the teeth. The real hero of this story was the notorious mobster Kewat who had a "handsome" reward of Rs 50,000 on his head and fought the 500 cops including their valorous leadership for an astounding 48 hours.
I was flabbergasted by the complete ineptitude of the UP police involved in this. How could you need 500 armed policemen with complete logistics to counter a single dacoit.
This speaks volumes of the training, infrastructure and motivation of the police to protect the ordinary citizens from criminals.

This incident should be noticed by all well meaning sections of the society to not to jeer at the cops but to help overhaul the policing system which otherwise is going to the dogs.

Friday, June 12, 2009


कुछ चमकीले मोती , रँगीन चूडियाँ
थोडे कंकर और कागज
उमीदो के रंग मे रंगे
काँच की दीवारों मे
एक दुसरे को देखते
हँसते मुस्कुराते
साथ निभाते
नित्य नया रूप धरते
हर एक करवट पर, नई अकृति लिये मन को सुहाते
तो कभी कुछ अजीब जान पड़ते
उमीद की किरण मन मे बसाये
जीवन रूपी यात्रा मे
कोशिश,उमीद,उल्लास मन मे जगाये
हर सुबह के साथ
नित्य नया रूप अपनाने को तत्पर
जिन्दगी इक कलेइडोस्कोप
इसके उतार चडाव को स्वीकारना
इक कोशिश


Monday, June 1, 2009

Lilac Festival - A Visual Treat !!!

It was a bright sunny day yesterday, yet the breeze that blew was cool making it a perfect day for an outing. And what could be more better than enjoying the one day Lilac festival in downtown Calgary. I couldn't believe the hustle-bustle on 4th street downtown with endless colourful shops on both the sides of the street. The street was jam packed with people mainly young masculine boys with their lovely girls showing off. The pedigreed pet dogs competed with their owners for street space with an equal elan. Lots of multi cuisine food shops with lemonade, smoothies and beer being served in the patio.There was some magical spell in the air, the aroma, the essence, the people and music which was captivating and thrilling.

In one corner the magician was showing off his tricks and the crowd with kids were enjoying it immensely. Further away an Irish band was pulling crowds and just behind them the Havana Cuban dance studio members were performing what was a visual treat.

You name any street shop worth its salt and it was there. Everything from palmist, street massage, Hollywood hair stylist, traditional jewelery from Africa, paintings from Bali, Henna, leather stuff to house mortgage specialists and free dance club membership and last but not least police personnel stationed and patrolling. It had all the contents and masala similar to a street fair back in India like yeh fair or woh fair or this & that fete etc.

But the most astounding was what looked at first sight a statue on a pedestal but soon started swaying on the dholak beats being played by a sadhu. As I went nearer, Oh it was a girl with a golden body paint in a indian dress dancing on dholki and the man was in disguise of a sadhu. It was magnificent. . As I returned back it was late evening and the last sunday of May had begun to end. Some photographs through the eye of my cell.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kowtowing to Mangal - "Mahima Mangal ki"

My friend has recently been diagnosed as suffering with manglik dosh. For the uninitiated reader, manglik dosh is a concoction of planets in your horoscope that can have catastrophic effects on your future (married) life if not rectified or cured through a series of ceremonies conducted by a learned pundit. And then your choice of eligible partners is also greatly reduced as this condition warrants that your partner is also a manglik.

Of such paramount importance does the manglik dosh become that all your other important personality traits like character, education, morals & beliefs take a back seat. The day its out in public knowledge that you are a manglik, people would shun you as if you have caught swine flu.:-) Believe me for a young person of marriageable age in India there is no worse malaise than being a manglik.

Strangely the deleterious effect of mangal is only to fell upon the spouse and not on your blood relations like your parents & siblings and even your friends.
I am sure if there is any intelligent form of life on Mars, they would be equally wary of the effect planet earth has on them and they would have a name to this, guess what, pritwik dosh. ;-)

As you would have observed, i find all this very amusing and humorous and would not care a damn about the manglik dosh, the business of horoscope or the pseudosciences of numerology, astrology etc as they stand on no scientific ground or the test of reason. And I am sure that it would be so with the majority as time passes by. :-)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Twinkling Evening Star

The sun has bid adieu to the weary day

Now the blanket of misty clouds cover the sky

With the twilight all set to embrace the darkness

Amid a gust of wind that blows through

I sit atop the hillock with my eager wait for you

That soon ends

Aloha! the twinkling evening star

I spot you peeping from behind the clouds

And make a wish upon you

The child in me rejoices

With my hope rekindled

That the wish I make tonight be fulfilled

And the illuminating starlight fill my soul


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Only For You.........

Sometimes or I should say most of the time we don't agree to each others thoughts and argue, but you know I really understand your feelings & fears. I know of your earnest desire to see me happy. I still remember in my 3rd std papa brought a yellow colored raincoat for me and unfortunately :-( it didn't rain that day and I was literally in tears. Then you got the garden hose to create artificial rain and cheer me up in my new yellow raincoat.:-). There were numerous such occasions when you pampered me like I was a princess.
No doubt you were and are still very strict but I understand, its for helping me face the world. And yes its true when it comes to papa, I became biased but that doesn't mean I don't love you. Your are my strength and your presence makes me feel strong. I am short of words now so a poem of

Rudyard Kipling for you 'MOM'.

Mother o' Mine

If I were hanged on the highest hill,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!
I know whose love would follow me still,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

If I were drowned in the deepest sea,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!
I know whose tears would come down to me,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

If I were damned of body and soul,
I know whose prayers would make me whole,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

Every time I read this poem, muzey esa legta hai 'Tarey jami per' ka 'meri ma' wala song iss poem sey he inspired hou.:-)

Happy Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Wind Tells Me

I stop walking
The wind pushes against my back
Telling me to move forward

I look behind me
The wind blows in my face
Telling me not to look back

I rake some leaves into a pile
The wind scatters them
Telling me to leave them be

I blow a kiss
The wind takes it
Telling me it will reach the one I love

I cry
The wind dries my tears
Telling me it will all be ok

I whisper a secret
The wind listens
Telling me it will keep it safe

I get angry
The wind soothes me
Telling me it's not worth it

Whatever I do
The wind reacts
Telling me what I need to hear.

~Jocelyn Sullivan~

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enchanting Bus Driver !!!

veryday on my way to college, I normally take a bus from the city train station. The bus driver is awesome. She is very talkative and since most of us in the bus are regular college students she knows us pretty well. As we get down at the college bus stop she wishes us well and even when she sees students standing on the side walk she stops the bus out of turn to pick them up. If by chance we happen to take the same bus after the classes are over in the evenings, she welcomes us on board with a broad grin and makes a point to talk to each one of us. There can be nothing more refreshing than somebody trying to cheer you up with such nice gestures. She reminds me of a bus driver 'Salim Bhai' when I was a kid and had jaundice he used to reserve the front seat of the bus for me and wait for me even when I was a bit late. He was a store house of different medical instructions and was caring and affectionate. Even today I remember vividly his burly face,rolling moustaches and stout body.

Bus driving can be a very boring profession because you are moving on the same bus route for 8 hours daily endless number of times. But in spite of the mundane nature of the task these people with their attitude add such immense value to the work at hand that the final product leads to complete customer delight.They are actually best in their class, examples to be followed, with values to be cherished. And I am completely enchanted by them. :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because Of Eva

As a young child, Ryan lost his parents in a car accident. Eva was her neighbor then. Ryan was moved to a foster home and had a very troubled childhood. It was Eva's letters, counsel and financial support that saw him through the college. After college Ryan took up teaching literature at the university and became busy in his family. He then went on to become a successful author. All the while though he remained out of touch with Eva but thanked her for the role she played in nurturing him at a difficult moment in his life. Later he wrote his autobiography and dedicated it to Eva. He decided to meet her to give her a copy of the book.

When he went to meet her at her old house, he was told by the neighbors that Eva is critically ill with cancer. Shocked, he cursed himself for having abandoned her. Finally he located her in a hospital room in her dying moments. Though she could barely talk, she did recognize him and could hear him. Grief stricken, he read her the dedication of his autobiography "Because of Eva" to her and then saw her demise with a happy and peaceful expression on her face and a copy of the book in her hands.

P.S :This story is for the "Tell a Tale" blog . It has a picture around which a story has to be written. This is my take on the prompt for week #4.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dichotomy of life .................

Sometimes a facial expression hurts you more than a physical wound,

Your own people become devils and life looks so cruel .

Times change and .........

A healing word acts as a medicine,

A simple smile gives you a way of life,

A feeling of trust becomes your confidence,

Friends become angels and life becomes very sweet,

Such is the dichotomy of life and we should accept it as it comes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing Picture

I was hopping through the net when I fell upon this picture. This is a dandy example of antithesis- a juxtaposition of contrasting ideas. The little girl is an epitome of light-hearted playfulness and the sculpture represents old aged brooding meditation. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and there can be nothing more true.:-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Forever Friend

Sometimes in life
you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your life
just by being part of it.

Someone who makes you laugh
until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believe
that there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you
that there really is an unlocked door
just waiting for you to open it.
This is Forever Friendship.

When you're down,
and the world seems dark and empty,
Your forever friend lifts you up in spirit
and makes that dark and empty world
suddenly seem bright and full.

Your forever friend gets you through
the hard times, the sad times,
and the confused times.
If you turn and walk away,
your forever friend follows.
If you lose your way,
your forever friend guides you
and cheers you on.

Your forever friend holds your hand
and tells you that
everything is going to be okay.
And if you find such a friend,
you feel happy and complete,
because you need not worry.
You have a forever friend for life,
and forever has no end.

~Author Unknown

Dedicated to my Best Friend.:-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Inquisitiveness- A behavorial disorder

Every relationship thrives and survives on keeping some distance. This is the life and breath of every surviving creature. Even young saplings need some distance to germinate and grow. Some people don't seem to understand this basic fact. Or may be I am wrong, they understand it very well when this applies to themselves but it is a different story when it applies to others. Every damn silly detail about others must be known. Why? Just for fun and common knowledge. Please understand some feelings, facts and issues are private affair and should not be pried into. And even so of a person with whose life you are remotely connected. This is beyond every realm of civility.
These habits unnerve me a lot and I am sure it would to some of you too.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A beautiful Gift

Every Tuesday and Friday I go to the library to work as a volunteer. My volunteering work is a good exercise in mixing with people here and knowing the people of my community. The library is one of the many public libraries that we have in different communities here and it is well attended by the people.During the weekdays you find it full with older and retired guys playing chess with their friends and the women exhibiting their knitting skills. In the evening hours it is packed with school children who come to finish their homework.
Because you often get to see the same faces I have started to develop a bond with them.There are some kids that have yet to discover the magic of reading and I work with them as a story time buddy. And by all means it is great fun. Yesterday the kids in turn narrated their stories to me as a fun gesture on my birthday and it was awesome. There are small gestures in this world that sometimes bring upon you great happiness. Isn't that amazing ? :-)

Little deeds of kindness,

little words of love,
make our earth an Eden,
like the heaven above.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The world is falling apart

People say it has never been so bad in their living memory. Entire cities and communities have been affected. And the learned analysts say that it has just began and the end is nowhere to be seen. The recession that started in mid 2008 has now taken the shape of an epidemic. A single mom that I met in the library today was let go from her work yesterday. I could hear her sobbing and later when I talked to her she said that she is supporting her two kids and has to hit the street again job searching in an environment where there are no jobs and scores of laid off job seekers. What can be more awful than this ? Media is adding to the frenzy by continuously airing the most pessimistic and negative numbers that are available. These are the same guys who an year before had no clue of what was about to happen? Charities and food banks are being robbed of their already dwindling contributions. As a student I am not sure of what the future has in store for me. But I hope the best for me and the other people around.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Bundle Of Feelings

I was going through my old posts and realized that each post has an anecdotal association. Old friends, emotions and memories begin to linger as I went through each and every post. All of them were a window to a distinct past that has gone by. I saw myself evolving and learning through my experiences and interactions with fellow bloggers. My blogger friends are an important part as they appreciated and encouraged me through their insightful comments. Although I don't know them in person but I have begin to attach a personality to each of these by reading their comment and their own blog. In a way it is very interesting how without meeting in person you can appreciate the tastes, likes and dislikes and psyche of fellow bloggers. These relationships are based
on our thoughts and ideas and transcends normal human relationships which are often based on origin, color, sex and appearances. And I think that is amazing.:-)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Since last two- three days i was having a weird feeling as if something bad is going to happen. Neither was I able to eat nor sleep. When I called home they said dad is hospitalized for some prostate problem. For the first time in my life I am feeling so helpless and weak didn't feel like talking to anybody. I know he will be alright after the treatment but I am very scared if anything goes wrong during surgery. Except praying to God i can't do anything, never before in my life I felt so weak. I know this phase will also pass.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A book

Placed up high on my shelf,
you are a repository of knowledge,
a window to a mind,
gateway to an enchanting world,
an engrossing story to one reader,
beacon of hope and peace to another,
an entertainer par excellence to one,
invoker of revolution to another
takes me on a journey to an imaginative dreamland,
Allows me incarnation into many different lives,
there is no better a compassionate companion of my solitude,
a friend, counselor and teacher other than you


Thursday, January 1, 2009