Monday, December 29, 2008

All over again

Born from the wet clay spinning around the wheel
forbearing the journey through fire valiantly
transforming into a hard shiny ceramic
to face the world and embrace its all-pervasive misery
with equanimity and joy
and then with time, with no whimper and grudge towards none
wither into earth only to be molded back in the soft wet clay all over again


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Between me and the devil time

On this misty foggy stormy night
You have succeeded in stealing my wings
You celebrate, you laugh and you dance
You are happy, rejoicing at my bleeding wounds
I can't fly anymore
can't kiss the stars and can't compete with my old folks

But O devil time,
I bet, you are still a loser
As you can't steal my soul, my faith and my self-belief,
I am still laughing, celebrating and having fun all around
Go away, I challenge thee,
And try scheming another plan to conquer me

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Down the memory lane.......

This is about the time I was very young and was taught about Gandhism in school. When I came back home, I asked my mom and she said yes it works.
Then a little later while playing a game, a friend of mine got annoyed and slapped me. With Ahimsa firmly ingrained in my mind as the ultimate practice to follow, I offered the other cheek to my friend. Obliged, my friend gleefully slapped me again. Shocked and uterly surprised to see Ahimsa not work, I gave her 2-3-4 right then and there.;-)

In the evening back home, mom asked me about what happened.
After narrating her the whole incident, I told her your way didn't work so i used mine .:-) (snehaism)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a disservice to the community !!

There can be no greater disservice to the community than what is done by these gun totting zealots (which we also call as terrorists)and their hard-lined radical teachers. I would appear foolish and naive if I try to expound on the virtues of this great religion,Islam, and its followers. When I listen to beautiful singers like Ustad Rashid Khan and see Zahir khan win matches for us and Shahrukh in "Swadesh" I am overwhelmed by the examples set by them. Among the cesspool of the politicians and top administrators of this country, the name of Abdul Kalam shines as a beacon. India as a nation has grown and developed culturally, spiritually and in all spheres of life through its association with this great religion. I firmly believe that all ordinary and common people of our country believe in this and exhibit this belief through their kind deeds whenever the need arises and the humanity demands.
And there can be no greater disservice done to Islam than killing innocent people in its name. Needless to mention the only purpose that it serves is to create a temporary feeling of bad blood between the siblings who have lived together for centuries.