Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its going to snow today night

Its going to snow today night,
And tomorrow morning the bare trees,
the barren fields and the weary roads will be all covered in white,
And its the snow which along with the moonlight would,
Make these dark nights even more bright

Snow snow snow, its going to be snow everywhere,
covering the pathway, covering the driveway,
testing your patience and your might

Falling from the heavens,
everywhere on the old and the young,
the mighty and the poor,
the black, colored and the white,
on all living and non-living alike,

Thinking of all this that's going to happen
fills me with joy & delight


Harshita said...

Beautiful words :)

Its always a pleasure to read you.

Take care.

Sneha said...

Pleasure is all mine.Its good to read your comments.
Have a nice day.:)

Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts, Nice words.
Claps !!!

Sneha said...

Thanks Hobo.
have a nice day.:)

Girijesh Srivastava said...

Hi Sneha,

Nice thoughts but a prose format would have been a better medium to express them... Having wonderful ideas is always good, but finding the most appropriate medium for expressing that idea is equally important. How you do is always more important that what you do! Don't mind, but...just a poetry format and a rhyming word at the end of the paragraph doesn't make a good poem.

Aevi said...

b'ful lines... n now i cant wait to hit the Sea-to-Sky highway to whistler :)

I love ski-snowboard there and m taking a weeks off in Dec to live in Whistler yahoooooooooo

abhishek said...

behtareen aur khubsurat !!

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

hello hun! great blog.. nice poem.. great life.. peace~

Arv said...

Captured well mate... very well...

cant wait for the snow :)

take care and have a nice day...


Anonymous said...

oh wow sneha, the snow :) i love it....and the nature is so beautiful to see the snowy surroundings....

and to add to it, the wonderful words outta here :))

Nidhi said...

hey.. i never saw snow fall in my life :(

Punam said...

Hi Sneha, this is probably the first poem I am reading about snow and I loved it. It has a musical tinge to to it.. night.. white.. very nice. :)) Like the new look of ur blog too.

Sneha said...

Hi Girijesh,

Good to see you express yourselves forthrightly. While you may have your sense of appreciation of poetry, but is'nt the manner I write a matter of my choice.

I like poems that are short and that rhyme. And that's the way I write.

Sneha said...

@ Abhinav,
yes no doubt whistler is a great location for winter sports.:)

@ Abhishek,
Sukriyah aur dhyanyavad.:)

@Beck the BandagedKnees
Thanks for appreciation.:)

Its started snowing yesterday just after Obama victory at polls.
Hope your wait will b over soon.

Hav a nice evening mate.:)

Sneha said...

yeah natures beauty always entices us in its different forms.
Glad u like it.:)

Come to Canada.:)

Thanks dear.:)

Sneha said...

@ Abhishek,
Did you change the settings of your comment box ?My comment are not going through.

Aevi said...

u been to whistler...? if not u should


manivannan said...

Wonderful! It's a pleasant read... I enjoyed it.

Have a good time :)

Kartz said...

Loved the way you have visualized it... Splendid!


Been held up the past week. Now marking attendance at every blog. ;) Do drop in sometime..!

dreamer said...

Beautiful lines Sneha........Keep Writing!!

IndianPie said...

nice poem again !

Sneha said...

Thanks for the appriciation.:)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

my, my! you have quite the sense of a rhyme scheme!
and a good flow to the poem to add to it!
nice work, i say!!!