Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The other half of your heartbeat,
the one who makes you whole...
The eyes that sparkle when you meet,
and a touch more precious than gold.

They feel your love whether near or far,
and anticipate your every desire...
Sense your needs no matter where they are,
and their visions you inspire.

A soul mate will see you with youthful
eyes, whether you become bald or gray...
and love you with the depth of their heart,
until their dying day.

A soul mate is a mate for life,
even if your ways do part;
no matter what the outcome may be
for your hands hold each others heart.

~Mary Wilson


Arv said...

Loved it... it was beautifully written... I need to google for Mary Wilson :)

I miss my soul mate :(

Have a nice evening Sneha... cheers...

Sneha said...

Hope you will meet your soul mate soon.
have a nice evening.:)

Harshita said...

Beautiful...Thanks a lot for sharing this with us :)

I do believe in Soulmates...I have met mine once ;) Have you ever met urs?

Stay Happy and Keep surprising us with great posts!!

Girijesh said...

A soul mate is a mate for life,
not essentially your husband or wife;
known or unknown, together or apart,
yet speaks the language of your heart!

Thanks for giving words to my thought!
But, that doesn't mean you are my Soulmate :)

dreamer said...

Its beautiful!! thanks for sharing it with us.

Buzzz said...

i very well understand with the last para....i miss her even today :(

Kartz said...

Ah... :) I've read this one... Sublime writing..! Thanks for the share...

Harsha Gaurav said...

Its really nice and I hope we three remain SOULMATES all our lives............


Harsha Gaurav said...

Its really nice and I hope we three remain soulmates all our life.

With LOVE............

Sneha said...

@Harshita,Girijesh,Dreamer,Buzzz,Kartz and Harsha,

The word soul mate reminds me of the divine couple Radha and krishna there could be no other way to describe their beautiful relationship. I found this poem on the net and shared this with you guys and I am glad that you all have liked it.:)


Zakir Ali 'Rajneesh' said...

Nice post.

Sneha said...

Hi Zakir Ali 'Rajneesh',
Thanks for the appreciation.
Have a nice day.:)

harish said...

Do u beleive in soulmates...i don't

abhishek said...

u changed ur blog name??

Sneha said...

Hi harish,

Yes, I do believe in soul mate.
I believe god gave us everything in pair except heart and that heart becomes complete when it find his/her soul mate. And one starts believing it only when he/she finds it.
Thanks for visiting my blog.:)
Have a nice day

Sneha said...

Hi Abhishek,
I did change the URL.:)

Now switched back to the old one.

Off the cuff said...

After a long time...beautiful...dig out more such stuff.

IndianPie said...

Fantastic lines ! Beautifully put up.

Girijesh Srivastava said...

By the way, God has given us many things that are not in pairs... including ourselves! But, yes, if we divide the human body in two vertical parts, it's bilaterally symmetrical, except the Heart & the Liver! So, how about the concept of a "Liver-mate"?? :)

Jokes apart, I believe that…

अग्नि, पृथ्वी, जल, आकाश
छुपो कहीं, कर ले जो तलाश
तुम्हारे सुरों में भर दे जो गीत,
वही है तुम्हारा सच्चा मनमीत!

Sneha said...

@rahul and indian pie,
Thanks .:)

Sneha said...

Hi Girijesh,
Well- said.:)

Aevi said...

b'ful poem... its been a while since i have been reading good literature. Its good to catch it now n then at ur blog.

i remember vaguely but i think i have read M Wilson in the past was it autumn love or winter love i dnt remember... but yeah soulmate's a b'ful one for sure...!!!

did u get to read 'rashmi rathi' :)

Sneha said...

Hi Abhinav,
I make it a point to read 'Rashmirathi' next time when I will go to India.
Have a nice evening.:)

manivannan said...

Hi friend,

I loved the poem. Have you read Paulo Coelo's Brida? If not, give it a try...It's about a girl finding her soulmate.. a nice

happy blogging,

.... said...
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.... said...

hi sneha..its gud one..really every one have to believe in soul mate...n its true that every one,some whr ,some time in life find his/her mate...

thnx for sharing

himanshu shrivastava

Nidhi said...

i tried opening ur link some days back it said there is no such user. i guess it was some error from blogger.com
BTW nice poem. i lucky i knw my soulmate.. otherwise its a long search!!

Sneha said...

Hi manivannan,
Thanks for visiting and i will surely
read the book.:)

Sneha said...

Hi Himanshu
have a nice day.:)

Sneha said...

Hi Nidhi,
It was not bloggers problem I had changed the URL but now I have changed to the old one.
Yes, You are a lucky girl that u know your soulmate.:)
Keep smiling.