Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Granny Next Door

"Ma, what will you do there ? You will catch cold. Relax at home and keep yourself busy in pooja".

This is the daily scene of my neighbours in India.

The Dadi (granny) has her own room where she spends her whole day. She is not allowed to meet the high profile guests. She does not accompany her family to 5 star hotel dinners and expensive malls.

My parents tell me that when Dadi was young she never thought twice before spending any amount to meet her children's needs. She was very fond of wearing bright clothes and loved to be around among the people.
When I visit her, I still find her very observant and intelligent. But it pains me to see that her own family avoids talking to her and she is mostly by herself. And also she is mostly subject to a host of instructions like do's and don'ts. I kiss and hug her a lot and she gets very happy and cheerful, while the whole family gives me odd looks. But I don't care and they dare not say anything to me.
Not that they are bad but they probably feel that dadi has no other human needs than food, clothes, medicines or sleep.That she needs good company to talk to, needs to go out to parks, shopping or just spending weekends with friends and relatives.

Are we so busy in our life not to take out a few minutes for our older people or have we become simply insensitive ?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Silent tears

Overwhelming grief tears my heart apart,
my eyes battle the rush of tears,
me like an adroit surfer in wild waves
deep calm & quiet outside
Not to reveal the suffering within
To the loved ones around
And to those who left for heaven

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad day virus

Yes, even I got caught by this virus today. One of my friends asked me a personal question and though I tried to avoid him, but he kept on nagging me , which left me terribly irritated for the whole day.

And then in the class my teacher asked me a very plain and simple question which i knew the answer of. But I was in such a bad mood that i couldn't answer properly. This gave me a feeling of foolishness. For the whole day I was empty stomach but with lots of anger. I just don't understand why people are so insensitive ? and why are they so inquisitive?

Above all, while returning back home the train was packed as usual as it were peak hours and the man sitting beside me was so stinky as if he has not taken a bath for years. I was just about to vomit. And it takes 45 min by train from university to my place.

Now i am trying to call my parents and their landline is not working and mobile is out of range. I will sleep off my frustation now and hope to have fresh start tomorrow.

Friday, September 5, 2008

For life Goes On...............

Long dry spells are followed by bountiful rain,
Thunderous snow storms are followed by glimmering sunlight,
Alone dreary nights are followed by endearing companionship,
Then my friend, keep faith within,
For life goes on..................

Vanquished lives get saved by Godliness in fellow humans,
Through many missed chances, emerge excellent opportunities,
Like the beautiful lotus that blooms out of mud,
Like every newborn that brings hope to a desperate humanity,
Thus my friend, keep smiling,
For life goes on......................