Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friendship Day Message...........................

Happy Friendship Day!, 'Dear Best Friend'. Now, don't ask me, why I am using blue color for my post? Its your favorite color and of course, I am dedicating this post to you. So BLUE, BLUE & BLUE, you know it very well. If I use my favorite color, you will not be able to read (even with magnifying glass) . ;)

Hey, I am not sending any mails, messages and card this year. I know you are very busy. I don't want to waste your precious time. And I believe, if we are really true friends, our hearts will transmit the messages of our well being. If we really do care for each other we will blow out the egos, take out time from our busy schedules for our friends. May be we are missing something exciting happening in our friends life. What do you say ;)

Today I want to let you know that so many times I have hurt you knowingly just because I always want the very best for you. Now you have 'the best' in your life. I am very-very happy for you.

To let you know today, even if we are miles apart I can sense your feelings, can read your mind and can understand very well your situation from which you are going through. And I promise you to be always with you in the ebbs and flow of life.

I bet I told you this so many times - never lose faith in the promise that i gave you-
No matter when,
No matter where,
If i am alive and you need me, I am just a message away.

Hey this song I dedicate to you, my best friend forever.



Mahi said...

hey sneha, that message was very touching!
Happy friendship Day to you, sweetie! :)

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hi Mahi,
Thanks Dear.

Wish the same to you too.:)

Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

Happy friendship Day
and thanx for visiting by blog..i would b very happy if u write some feedback...

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hi Ranjeet
Wish the same to you too.

Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

Am late...but Happy Frenship Day dear.
I loved ur msg for ur friend..


Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hey Harshita,
Wish the same to you too dear.wasey bhi hum ek din pichey hai India sey so No worries.:)

Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

Fir toh changaa hain!! M nt late...

Have fun...

edson_dias said...

I must be living on a different planet. I completely forgot about this day. :-)

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hey edson_dias
Better late then never.:)
Belated happy friendship.