Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heartfelt Adieu

A blind trust in me with your love and cajole

Soothes my heart, awakes my sleeping soul

Your messages across the miles

Takes away my grief, brings joy to my eyes

The colour of love blends and forms a magical hue

My heart is full, yet empty too

The only thing I need and can't have is you

So preparing my heart for a adieu


The Small Biz. Guru said...

Ah, strikes a chord with me. In a somewhat similar situation trying to figure out what to do.

Full yet empty..

~the GURU

Sneha said...

Hi Guru

I guess Life is all about moving on and this enables us to tide over such contradictions.



CutePooja said...

Nicely writtn...lovely

Sneha said...

Hey pooja
Appreciation from a person who writes so well is always encouraging.:)


Nidhi said...

i loved the poem..
talks so much. so many empty spaces.. i wish we always have the one whom we need around us.
it alwasy happen tht whn we miss the most tht time the person is not there for us,

Nidhi said...

hey amzing.. in few lines u captured so many thoughts..
so many empty spaces.
i wish that the person is always there whn we miss right from our heart.

Sneha said...

Hi Nidhi,

Appreciate your comment. It seems to me that love is almost like sand, The tighter you try to hold it,the more it slips.

Thanks for visiting.:)


Comfortably Numb said...

good work!

Ive written a poem on goodbye's too :)


Sneha said...

Hi Comfortably numb


Will visit your blog for sure.:)

BABA said...

woowww Sneha u wrote damm good girl.

Keep it up...


Sneha said...

Baba jee

tanku hai.:)

"Keep It Up"

Upar rekh dun Kya.;)

He He He.

BABA said...

Jaha Marzi rakh, teri creation hai. :D lekin likha badhiya hai. fir agli book kabb Publish hori hai teri?

Sneha said...

Kya baba tu mazak na bena.

Book tou saath mai likhngey.

blockbuster hogi.:D

BABA said...

chal theek hai fir Naam sochke rakh Book ka badhiya sa..

Waise ye naam kaisa rahega?
Shri Shri Shri Mahant Param pujaniya Baba te Sneha Di Dairy.

Sneha said...

haan bilkul.:)

Dimple said...

That was so well written..keep going :)

Sneha said...

Hi Dimple
Appreciate your comments.

Keep Visiting.:)

Mahi said...

A beautifully written one, dear!

Sneha said...

Hey Mahi


Atul said...


Well written.You were able to pen down the eternal paradox of love. It brings joy and sorrow. While we relish one, the other beings suffering.

Good job done!!

Sneha said...

HI Atul,

Thanks for your comments.Yeah I truly
agree with you.sometimes for the betterment of our loved ones we have to forego their companionship.This poem is about such moments.