Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeling of Togetherness

Naina is 5 feet, small built, dimple chin, black hair(bob cut)and always donned in a t-shirt and blue jeans. Very talkative, very helpful. Everyone in her class loves her and she is a favorite of her teacher too.
Dark circles under her eyes, a sad face with no jokes tell that she is not fine and something is bothering her badly.
Hey! Naina, what happened? Is everything fine ? Where is that million dollar smile ? And Alex bombarded Naina with a multitude of questions.
Naina gave back a fake smile to Alex. She opened her laptop to show she is busy (trying to hide her teary eyes). Everyone in the class tried hard to cheer her up but failed. As soon as the class is over, she took her backpack without saying a word to her friends and went out of the class for home.
When she reached home she burst into tears and slept empty stomach.
In the evening when she woke up, she remembered her father's advice to note down in a piece of paper whatever is bothering you?
Why it is bothering you? And what you can do to overcome it?

She then starts writing everything in her diary.
Its her best friend whom she considers her soulmate, is going to another country for good.

She loves her friend so much that she finds it hard to see a single day without talking to her friend.
She reasons so what if we are not physically together
we can still
breath the same air,
feel each other in the warmth of sun,
can talk- if not regularly - may be in every 15 days or can chat on the messenger and above all the all-powerful string of love will keep us connected. What else do I need, and next day the class sees the same old cheery smiley Naina.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sleepless Night

Sitting by the window I long for you

My eyes are moist, my soul is numb, as I remember you

Gazing the nightly sky and wandering away

Wishing you to be with me like we were yesterday

Though the time is ticking by, my sleep is long far away

Oh! my angel, when will you come & light my way

When will the holy light pierce the darkness away

How long would it take for my fears to dampen

In the stillness of night, I wait for a miracle to happen

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heartfelt Adieu

A blind trust in me with your love and cajole

Soothes my heart, awakes my sleeping soul

Your messages across the miles

Takes away my grief, brings joy to my eyes

The colour of love blends and forms a magical hue

My heart is full, yet empty too

The only thing I need and can't have is you

So preparing my heart for a adieu

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Makeover Of Sneha's Diary !!!

Makeover !! Aha!!

This week I was free so thought of changing my blog template. I started my research by using many free templates on the web which didn't appeal. Then thought of designing myself and day-n-night dimag mai sirf BLOG BLOG & BLOG hee rehta tha as if I was creating something big. And I realized if there is any force around us that creates the Big N Beautiful, it is the nature itself. The ever changing colourful mosaic of clouds and light in the sky inspired me. I almost felt like a plastic surgeon (while resizing the width of header, main column and side bars) nothing less than the great Mickey Contractor :The famous makeup artist.
But my sweet diary never said a single word of "Uf Aahhh Oouch". Patiently it bore the pain of all my experiments on her. But i know my sweet diary must be thinking deep down in her heart - Arrey Sneha!, Muzey behot decorate kar liya kuch esa likho ki log muzey padhy, nahi tou mehnet bekar!!

Through this journey of makeover, I realized the patience, hard work, attitude, sincerity that our parents exhibited during all those years of our upbringing. We are after all their creation and they are the real designers who carved us out of nowhere.

What do you say ? Am I right or wrong ?