Friday, June 27, 2008

Coldrin !! Ding Dong !!

Yes, you got it :))

I have caught cold and have fever too. I am really missing my mom :( badly. I know this sounds silly but I am really missing her pampering me and forcing me to eat food saying
"Betu thoda sa kha ley"marey pyaru :)
I checked my friends, whether they are online or not. Even my very close friend told me you please come on line when you be perfectly alright and it disappointed me. I was expecting some caring words from my friend. I know she doesn't want me to take strain but.......

So I have nothing worth doing right now. Weather outside is rainy, my roomie is studying. I heard lots of song today since morning and I am craving for gol gappas, aloo tikki, kadhi, mutton, rassam.
Oh! again, I am missing my mom.:(

Sunday, June 15, 2008

keep it up !! :)

Ah! Memories !!

When they are related to some funny incident, they always gives us another a chance to smile :).
So here goes mystory behind the quote 'Keep it up'. It was one afternoon of summer vacation
and we were spending our time at nani's place as usual :). We all kids did a lot of masti, badmashies, played board games and so many other things. That day mamaji was free so
he was teaching us how to play chess and he was asking every one of us- one by one- the name
and move of the chessmen. I being the youngest in the whole lot, he was giving me much more
attention and played the first game with me. I was in the 3rd std at that time, I think, and
according to my audience and mamaji, played well. So he said

Well Done ! Keep it up !!.

After the first game. we all went to have our lunch and mamaji had his siesta. And then everybody was searching for the chess board and chessmen as it was not at its place where it
was supposed to be. Sab peryshan ki board gaya tou gaya keha. At that time I was lying with
nani jee aur wo story suna rehi thi and I slept away. When i woke up in the evening my cousins
asked me about the chess board; aur jab unko peta chala ki hai keha par, tou mera itna mazak
bana, jo muzey tab tou samaz nahi aaya but now that incident brings smile to my face.

Okay, let me tell you what happened to the chess board.

As mamajee said 'Keep it up'.

Maney board utha kar Almira key upar rekh diya tha. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My lifelong companion, "Why"

This big 'Why' has been a part of my life. When I was young and in school I used to think
Why I am so small ?
Why I cant go anywhere alone ?
Why I am in school and not in college ?
Why this, why that and so many other Why'sssss
then I grew up and started going to college again this Why was with me Now
Why did I grew up?
Why did I become mature ?
Why me ?
Why and Why....................................... Now I have stopped thinking about Why as I have understood bhaley hee koi saath hona hou y 'Why' marey saath hamesha rehega.