Friday, April 25, 2008

Reminiscence ...

The whole night I worked and completed the assignment, as there was no class today. So was feeling relaxed, made a nice strong ( कड़क) 'extra sugar' वाली चाय, took out the comforter and made myself cozy ।I was listening to 'Bryan Adam, Cliff Richard, ABBA......' after a long time. These numbers took me to my childhood as my elder brother ( भाई, No more with me,the so called Almighty took him from us) used to listen them। Surprisingly I was feeling much relaxed, though tears were rolling down but I was feeling very light so I searched all the songs in 'you tube' and enjoyed them with my strong कड़क tea and decided to do all the things which he liked.
(भाई वाली कड़क "extra sugar" चाय से शुरुवात कर चुकी थी :) And took out my one and only one "BLUE" after a long time of having stopped wearing blue colour. I called my dad and we had a long chat. I always feel as if bhai is watching me. He was my idol, my teacher, friend, he was my every thing; I miss him so much.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

!!!* Hello Friend *!!!

Why people who were once best friends suddenly stop talking ?

Do they really cared for each other?

This is really sad but true ! :(
Can't we give space in our friendship ?
why do we ask so many questions ?
Is it really difficult to let people be what they are, without being judgmental ?

For me friendship which grows with time stays forever.

If your friend really cares for you and respects your feelings , he/she will never put conditions but wait patiently giving you time to open up. :) Otherwise I can bet that day is not too far when you will become a stranger and there will be no 'Hello Friend'.